Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay--Karma is four years old in February. Ever since she arrived in my life her food and water dish have been right here in this spot next to the shoe rack in the entryway.
They have been moved into the pantry--which at first was fun and exciting to Miss Karma just because it was different, of course.
Apparently she thought this was a temporary thing. Every morning she heads the wrong way for her treat of canned food--out of habit, of course. (I have done so myself a couple of times--hehe!) Yesterday I even gave her extra canned food--and realized I was actually trying to entice her into the pantry--hehe! And--just like a toddler who's been asked to do something they don't want to do, she collapsed to the floor and lay there whining in protest. By the time I grabbed the camera she had lifted her head because she could smell her favorite--salmon!
She ate it. But showed her protest by having her ears back the whole time.
Today she was just fine. Maybe she has given up the protest? She may as well. This is where they are going to be now. :)
Why did I move them? Leah said this summer she can make me a wooden shoe bench for right there in the entryway. Moving Karma's dishes makes for a larger bench--hehe! We have all wished there was a place to sit down to take off shoes or boots. Because of the light colored carpeting you really can't go walking into the apartment with shoes on. So everybody usually takes off their shoes at the door. I have wanted a bench there for--well, four years--hehe! But I don't have much room and can't find one that is small enough and still has storage. Leah said she can make one!! TaDa!! Awesome!
Today we have a new president!!! I have to turn on the TV. I imagine it is on all day long.
Yup! On all the main stations--none cable ones. Just swore in the Vice President.
Caroline comes today. And Leah thought she might be coming on Tuesday this week? I am off to watch some of the inauguration. What an event this time!! History being made!! So exciting to feel hope and change in the wind!! :):):) Blessings to one and all!


Serena Lewis said...

Awwwww.....poor Karma probably thinks the pantry has been a no-go zone so she felt uncomfortable being in there. lol Habits are easily formed if you repeat them long enough.

I like the idea of the bench at your entry area.....makes perfect sense. Leah is certainly a handy person to have around. :)

Rita said...

Karma is already used to the change. Been five days and she seems okay with it now, but she was so funny! Like a toddler having a meltdown whine session! hehehe! :)