Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here's Karma checking out the new situation with the blind pulls. The maintenance man came and installed the two new blinds I needed because of you-know-who! She had chewed the "strings" and I had retied and retied them--couldn't even shut the blinds all the way because of knots! So I asked if I could buy two new blinds from them. The girl knows I only have money at the beginning of the month and said she'd send a bill and not to worry--pay it when I can.
Leah sent over some small removable hooks made by 3M. She had the idea we could place them facing away from each other so that I could wind the cords up and away from Miss Karma--tada! Worked like a charm!
She never got to the cords on the left side window in the living room because they hung back behind the table. But to be on the safe side I hung one hook on that side, too.
The bedroom--new blind and hooks. These had been so destroyed that I had to add pieces of strings on to the cords. Good to have them looking nice again...
...even if I can't shut them all the way because Karma will bite them and leave little teeth marks in them if she can't watch her CatTV whenever the mood strikes her. Good thing I live on third floor, eh? At least now I can actually shut them if I am sitting next to the window at night working on my projects. :)
I worked on birthday cards yesterday. These were all made with Ann's paste paper! Bright and cheery cards, eh?
I will have a whole bunch more that I will use for regular cards for writing letters, too. Every one is different--no two the same! Thanks, Ann!! I will be finishing up with the embossing of the inside Happy Birthday's today on that batch of birthday cards.
Snowed yesterday, but it is sunny again today--which means it is below zero again, of course--hehe! Seems like when it warms up a little it snows and then when the sun comes out it gets colder. No clouds to keep any heat , I guess. Beautiful day, tho. :)

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