Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I spent most of yesterday watching Obama's Inauguration. So exciting to feel hope for change--brings me back to the 60s! There has been so much fear and corruption for so long and that "every man for himself" and "I'll take what I can while I can" mentality, it was wonderful to hear someone speak of "us" and "we" again. We the people. :)

The sooner humanity realizes that we are all on this blue boat together--and we quit feeding each other to the sharks, beating each other bloody, stealing from each other, and paddling in all different directions--the better off we'll be. Our survival depends on us--all of us together. We are connected. We all sink or float together--whether we want to believe that or not.

There's a joy, unity, and purpose in the air that I haven't felt since Kennedy was elected. John Kennedy didn't win by a huge margin, either. But he, too, spoke of the original ideals of the United States. Ideals--goals--that were lofty, true. We may not have reached them yet--but that is not to say we won't or we can't. We get closer and closer to figuring out this freedom of ours. :)

This is a huge task to try and change the path of a country. But in order to walk a new path you have to change direction and take that first step. And if you just keep moving and taking steps, however small, or even stop and rest sometimes but you don't turn back--then you are on a new path, however slow the progress. Hope is a precious thing. Freedom is a precious thing. The American people have always had big hearts and big dreams. :)

Anyways, besides me and my box of tissues watching the Inauguration--I made a pot roast, have been working on the Soul Coaching book, and today I am washing clothes. Leah passed on Crafts this week. Caroline came and cleaned yesterday. It has been above zero. Life is good! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I think the majority of countries around the world have hope now that Obama is President. I pray he stays safe and that he makes positive change.

You are so right, Rita...people need to wake up and realise that we are ALL one!

Rita said...

It is soooo wonderful to feel hope again!! May God watch over him. :)