Friday, January 02, 2009


Yesterday was a lazy day. :) Let's see--I did some extra energizing with all my "stuff" before I put them all away in their various spots throughout the apartment. Got set up again for working on the birthday cards. Oh--and my check was put in early because of the holidays--so I got my grocery order a couple of days early! Nice!! Watched some DVDs from Netflix (X Files).

I also ordered some more of the larger envelopes that I need for the handmade paper cards--and some pretty handmade 12 X 12" paper they had, too--for some bookcard covers. (We haven't figured out yet how to add the dead plants properly to our handmade paper--hehe! I guess we need more practice this year, eh?) And I ordered a small set of the American Journey paints on sale from Cheap Joe's--not supposed to have any shipping and handling, but it showed up on the invoice? I wrote on the order that I wasn't supposed to be charged for shipping--as per their email ad--otherwise I didn't want them. We'll see how quickly they respond.

I'm getting back to regular hours!! Was in bed at 10pm and really slept well last night till 8am!! Ahhh! Apparently Miss Karma got a lot of solid sleep, too--she is just wild this morning! She's playing with the long red ribbon from a Christmas package--(now her new toy)--racing about with it hanging out of her mouth--being very vocal about her attacks--hehe!

Well, I have to re-read the Soul Coaching instructions and be ready by Monday. Need to wash clothes this weekend some time. Should clean the fish tank and get back to birthday cards. Always have something lined up, right? Hehe!

Right now it is 10 below and sunny. Another snowfall is expected to roll through later tonight. The snow shovel and I may become well aquainted this winter--hehe! Doesn't it feel like a good year ahead? Ahhh! A year for things to turn around. :):) Best to you all!!!


Serena Lewis said...

OH yes, this year definitely has an air of big change about it. I've come across so many bloggers feeling the same way.

Serena Lewis said...

Are you starting your Soul Coaching journey on Monday?

Another four days and I will be participating in the next book blog on the book, '12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women'. I have no idea what it will be like. I've only read the introduction so far so I don't even know if it will entail exercises or whether the group will just be discussing each chapter in depth. I enjoyed the last book club so I'm hoping I will enjoy this one too.

love, light and peace,

Rita said...

Yes--feels like a year of cleansing and clearing--fresh starts. Glad to hear I'm not the only one--hehe!

I start on Monday, yes! My journey is going to be a lot longer than 28 days, tho--hehe! I am taking it at my own snail's pace. Want to get deeply into each lesson, too. I hope you enjoy your new book journey! :)