Friday, January 23, 2009


Started out as a usual calm day yesterday. Miss Karma was watching the rabbits in the field and the people in the parking lot.

I finished the "framed" cards over the course of the day--tada! I can't thank you enough for this paper, Ann! :)
I had set this big empty plastic bin in the hallway when I was moving things around--because it is the perfect size to use up the the hall closet. Karma had been pawing at it all day off and on--trying to get it open.
Last night, as I was sitting at the computer here, I could hear this muffled cat whining. I hadn't seen Karma for a while--thought she had crawled under the covers of my bed for a nap. I called to her, as I usually do--what's the matter, Karma? Then she got a little louder, but still sounded like she was under the blanket or something. She usually comes waltzing in the room here to exclaim her excitement or disgust about something or another (she tells me everything, of course)--but she didn't show up?
I got up and look what I found in the hallway!!
How in the world did she manage to open the plastic bin, get inside, and shut the cover on herself!!?? I raced for the camera and took a quick picture. (Hey! She was whining, so she was breathing, okay--hehe!)
She bolted out of there--rather warm and almost sweaty. She must have been too embarrassed to call out to me for a while, eh?
My reverse Houdini spent a good half an hour cleaning up her ruffled fur--and then she slept on her chair for hours and hours. She was obviously drained from the experience. ROFL!! Karma was lucky I am almost always home so that I was here to save her from herself!! When they say curiosity killed the cat.....


Anonymous said...

Okay, that's hilarious! Animals can be such goofballs. My parents live in a small condo with a big dog ... a 9-year-old doberman. They have to make sure the bathroom and closet doors are firmly closed because if not, Lola goes in to investigate. The rooms are so small that when she turns around to leave, she shuts herself inside. Every now and then, someone will notice she's missing and we have to go on a Lola hunt. What's really funny is she always looks so sheepish when you finally rescue her. LOL

Rita said...

It was so funny and yet so scary at the same time. She would have actually suffocatd in there! She seemed a little loopy for a while after she jumped out--poor baby! Animals can certainly get themselves into a pickle sometimes, eh? Lola sounds like a sweet dog. :):)

Serena Lewis said...

OMG, thank heavens you hadn't gone out when she decided to that, Rita...she would have suffocated for sure, the poor darling. I'm so glad that she's okay but I can't help but laugh at the pickle she found herself in. Cody has a habit of jumping inside my wardrobe when I have the doors open while I change in the morning. One morning, I didn't see him go in so I closed the doors......not long after, we heard his muffled bark and I realised what had happened. lol

Serena Lewis said...

Ooooops, I got so caught up in Karma's dilemma that I forgot to mention how beautiful your framed cards turned out....well done ~ :)

Rita said...

I am sure not to put the covers on any empty containers Miss Karma/Houdini could get into any more. :) Sounds like Cody is a little stinker sometimes, too--hehe!