Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I am going to see if this will publish properly. Suddenly I have a bunch of code instead of pictures?? Blogger has been acting up today. I was working on the Stories blog and I suddenly lost the options to choose a font or a color? On any of my blogs? Strange.

Anyways, I am trying to post pictures of my farm on the "My Farm" game I play on Facebook. There are several farm games now and this is the one I use. This is my fantasy farm. I can't see the pictures to comment on them. Maybe after I post I can edit? Oh well--if nothing else I hope the pictures show up? :):) And good morning! Just thought I'd pop in before I go to bed--hehe! :)

P.S. Can't see the pictures. After they were posted and showed up--when I came here to edit they reverted back to just a bunch of code. I hope this problem will heal itself while I sleep today. ;)


Intense Guy said...

I see some cute farm pictures.

You might of accidently slipped into "HTML Mode" in the blogger editor - I assume you usually work with "Compose Mode".

Serena Lewis said...

Like Intense Guy said, it sounds like you were in the HTML tab view of Edit Post, instead of the Compose view.

I always work in HTML tab view and only click on the Compose view when I want to see how the post will look.

Your farm looks great! I rarely visit my Facebook so I would be useless with a farm.

Rita said...

Thanks you two! I found the problem--the tab I never noticed before. I don't know why it flipped over to the other tab? And it won't stay there. I have to click it every time now to get to "compose". THANKS SO MUCH! I am easily lost in the computer world--hehe! :):)

The "My Farm" is such a silly thing but for some reason I really enjoy it. The fact that Leah has a farm, too, makes it even more fun, of course--hehe! I gave Dagan and Leah the mansion, my dear friend Ruby has the house with the duck pond, and I have the little yellow house. The stone house--is an arts and crafts house for all of us. And we can teach there if we want to, too. Leah can have a kiln and all her pottery needs. If they ever have a nice big shed for that I'll get it for her pottery shed. :)

The game is "in progress"--being made over time--so they keep adding things little by little. And I have learned to be quite patient, as you know--hehe!

Oh--and on my farm animals don't fight or poop, nothing stinks or rots (I make sure of that every three days--hehe!), no leaves to rake or lawns to mow, there are no money worries--and no one is sick, either!!! :):):)