Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I am going to see if this will publish properly. Suddenly I have a bunch of code instead of pictures?? Blogger has been acting up today. I was working on the Stories blog and I suddenly lost the options to choose a font or a color? On any of my blogs? Strange.

Anyways, I am trying to post pictures of my farm on the "My Farm" game I play on Facebook. There are several farm games now and this is the one I use. This is my fantasy farm. I can't see the pictures to comment on them. Maybe after I post I can edit? Oh well--if nothing else I hope the pictures show up? :):) And good morning! Just thought I'd pop in before I go to bed--hehe! :)

P.S. Can't see the pictures. After they were posted and showed up--when I came here to edit they reverted back to just a bunch of code. I hope this problem will heal itself while I sleep today. ;)


  1. I see some cute farm pictures.

    You might of accidently slipped into "HTML Mode" in the blogger editor - I assume you usually work with "Compose Mode".

  2. Like Intense Guy said, it sounds like you were in the HTML tab view of Edit Post, instead of the Compose view.

    I always work in HTML tab view and only click on the Compose view when I want to see how the post will look.

    Your farm looks great! I rarely visit my Facebook so I would be useless with a farm.

  3. Thanks you two! I found the problem--the tab I never noticed before. I don't know why it flipped over to the other tab? And it won't stay there. I have to click it every time now to get to "compose". THANKS SO MUCH! I am easily lost in the computer world--hehe! :):)

    The "My Farm" is such a silly thing but for some reason I really enjoy it. The fact that Leah has a farm, too, makes it even more fun, of course--hehe! I gave Dagan and Leah the mansion, my dear friend Ruby has the house with the duck pond, and I have the little yellow house. The stone house--is an arts and crafts house for all of us. And we can teach there if we want to, too. Leah can have a kiln and all her pottery needs. If they ever have a nice big shed for that I'll get it for her pottery shed. :)

    The game is "in progress"--being made over time--so they keep adding things little by little. And I have learned to be quite patient, as you know--hehe!

    Oh--and on my farm animals don't fight or poop, nothing stinks or rots (I make sure of that every three days--hehe!), no leaves to rake or lawns to mow, there are no money worries--and no one is sick, either!!! :):):)


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