Saturday, July 18, 2009


Made it over to my dentist appointment. Found out I may have been my own worst enemy all these years by being a vigorous tooth brusher! Can cause the teeth to become sensitive and actually the gums to recede. I'll be danged. She told me to floss, brush gently in circles, and use a good antiseptic mouthwash and that I might see that my teeth are less sensitive in a month or two. Interesting! Probably everybody else out there knows not to brush hard and I am the last to know--hehe! I do use a soft toothbrush, tho--tada! Got that right. She gave me an extra-soft. So now even brushing my teeth has turned into a meditative exercise--ROFL!
Here's the results of the couch paper experiment after they had dried.
They peeled right off--no problem.
The one on the bottom where the couch paper was on the top--looks as buckly as when we just dried them by themselves on the table. The other one looked smooth, but curled. Interesting.
They are now sitting under books--separately, though. Not stacked.
The experiment continues. :)
Late afternoon.
Karma enjoying the Kid Channel on CatTV.
BTW--I now have 50 subscribers to my YouTube channel! Who'da thunk it!?
Another beautiful 70s day with blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Awesome!!


  1. Hey Rita - Nice to catch up on your blog. Obviously,last week I was back at work. That kind of cuts down computer time. I have promised myself though to look up your Utube stuff. Regards, taiona

  2. nice pics, looks like karma was enjoying her 'kid channel' ~ :)

    my aunt and her family were sticklers for brushing their teeth numerous times a day until they were told by their dentist to cut it down because they were actually wearing their natural tooth enamel away from over-brushing. dentist usually recommend soft toothbrushes only for the same reason.

  3. Wow. I'm not scrubing hard enough because my dentist gave me a harder brush.

    I see someone else uses their 20 pound dictionary the same way I do.


  4. Taiona,
    I am always catching up on reading blogs--sometimes it takes me longer than just a week to get to them all. No problem! Whenever you show up and I am glad to see you! :)

    YouTube! I am always behind on watching the videos I like to follow, too! Goodness! You can always comment on any of my videos, too--if you can stop chuckling long enough to type. :)

  5. Serena,
    Karma's favorite channel--hehe! But she'd totally freak and run under the bed if any showed up at the door--ROFL!

    I had no idea I wasn't doing a good thing by brushing harder. Better late than never, I guess, eh? I'm sure your aunt and family were surprised, too--hehe!

  6. Mr. I. Guy,
    You must be a very gentle brusher for an "intense" guy--hehe!

    Yup! That big old dictionary has had several practical uses since being reduced to being spell-check backup. :)


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