Thursday, July 02, 2009


I've really been catching the funny pictures lately!
Another huge yawn.
This afternoon I am planning on going over to Leah's. She emailed me and told me she watched how they make handmade paper on "How It's Made" (cable show). She said it was really interesting, she saved it, and wanted me to come over and watch it. Cool!
Maybe it will give me a hint as to how to unbuckle that wad of red paper? ROFL!! (I can't help it--every time I even think of them I chuckle!)
[Note: Dagan and Leah don't use VHS tapes--they save it some other way right in the TV or the computer or somewhere? Tivo? Digital? Xbox? I can't remember--hehe! These new electronic do-dads are way cool, I must say!]
It was already so warm in here I had to close up this morning and put the AC on. But it's a blue sky white fluffy clouds day! :):)
Going to be a great day! Later...


Leah said...

I saved it on our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) comes with our digital cable that we have. It basically recorded and stored onto a hard drive is a small computer that we "rent" from the cable company for the cost of our digital cable. :)


Rita said...

Thanks Leah! I can't always remember what all these electronic devices are that I've never used. Sometimes can hardly remember the names of the things I do use--hehe! :)