Thursday, July 30, 2009


Since my sleeping naturally around the clock got interrupted I went right back to going to bed at dawn in a matter of three days. It's like once my body decides it wants to be on nights for a while there's little I can do about it. When I fight it I spend a lot of time lying in bed unable to sleep and awake but half alive. When I don't fight it I sleep like a baby (by comparison)--albeit strange hours. The crazy sleep patterns all started when I hit menopause. How long can menopause possibly last? hehe! It is happening much less often so that's a blessing. But every time I think it is over with...
So--since I am back on nights and have felt better lately--I started working on making bookcards out of the handmade paper I made before the papermaking supplies hit the road over to West Fargo--ROFL! I got 11 out of 13 started and then realized I should save the last two for a youtube video.
I put the eleven of them together during the night.
Also put together these two made from this cool embossed paper that I had already cut to size for covers.
Then--I also started a new blog--SoulComfort's Stories. You'll see the link up in the lefthand corner under My Other Web Spots. I know it is nearly impossible for people to find the actual short stories or poems or cogitations or life stories hidden away in my main blog here. Decided that since I have an art blog--I'd have a writing blog, too. But anything in either of the other blogs will also be posted here. So you don't need to go to the others if you follow this one. :) Some people have no interest in anything but the arts & crafts and some aren't interested in anything but the stories. (I think Miss Kama has her own following!) It's hard for me to tell anyone where to find something particular on this blog--hehe! So now that problem is kinda solved--tada!

All I have to do is go thru this blog and copy those certain memory writings and post them over on the new writing blog with a title. Might encourage me to cogitate more, eh? hehe! I started it off by posting Baby Girl.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me with the writing of my life stories--whatever form they take. :):)

I think doing youtube videos is on the agenda for today. :)


Serena Lewis said...

it sounds like a great idea to me, rita!

your book cards look lovely. i must remember to check out your youtube account.

you obviously sleep more soundly when you listen to your body and sleep when it wants to sleep. just pretend you're a shift-worker doing the graveyard shift...hehehehe

Rita said...

Thanks, Serena!
I have worked the graveyard shift a few times in my life. Being a night person staying up until 2-3am was never a problem, but it was harder after that. Guess it wouldn't be hard for me these days--at least some of the time--hehe! :)
I am actually off to go work on a video right now. :)

Intense Guy said...

That green paper with the bugs on it looks pretty cool!

Rita said...

Hi Intense!
I know! Sometimes when I'm in a craft store I see paper that I can't resist. This embossed paper has some of my favorite insects--dragonflies, ladybugs, and butterflies! One sheet and I'll get two bookcards and the main ingredient for two more regular cards out of it. What a deal! :)

taiona said...

re the sleeping / "if" you are trying to regulate, at whatever time, audiobooks or podcasts can be helpful / there is nothing like a soothing voice telling you stories to lull you to sleep / much better than the tv where you can't control the commercials, nor the flickers which mess with your melatonin /

Rita said...

I agree. I usually read with no TV--just silence--or put on some soothing music. I also have a sound machine. But--when the hormones go crazy--nothing works--hehe! And when I'm ready to finally sleep--don't need anything to nod off. And I love playing peaceful instrumental music--almost any time! But if there are voices--singing or telling stories--I listen and listen and can't fall asleep--chuckle! :):)