Thursday, July 09, 2009


Poor Karma! During the night I had the bedroom window and the porch door open because it cooled off (still very sticky, tho) and the wind was so strong that it was rattling the apartment door. Karma parked herself right there to watch--was afraid somebody was trying to get in.
I only slept from 5-11am. When I got up I discovered that Karma had barfed right there on the rug. Could have been the stress of thinking I was oblivious to the fact someone was shaking our door and strangers just might open the door at any second?
Either that or she ate a Japanese beetle again? Those little orange lady bugs make her barf but she never seems to remember that fact from year to year. I hadn't seen any, but you never know.
Could be just the sticky, terribly uncomfortable weather? (Has me feeling queasy!) Or we had terrible thunder and lightning while I was sleeping (it did rain)? I can't believe I would have slept thru thunder loud enough to make Karma lose her lunch, tho, because I was sleeping pretty restlessly most of the time. High humidity makes me feel sick. Maybe I psychically made her sympathetically sick--ROFL!
Karma has kept trying to tell me something since I got up. Too bad I don't speak cat, eh?
Anyways, it didn't stop her from the morning routine and begging happily for her tablespoon of canned food--which she chowed down. (Hope it stays down!) I shut the place up. Just goes to show you how humid it is in here--it is only like 66 degrees out there and the wall AC hasn't stopped since I turned it on! Damp! Damp! Clammy! Sticky! Yucky! I'm glad Dagan and Leah have central air at their place. :)
I worked on making a video for YouTube last night. Had all kinds of trouble getting it out of the camera and into the computer for some reason. Finally had to go a different route and send it to a different spot and then it worked. Says it is finished now, but I haven't looked yet. Just was an update about the buckly red paper and the paintings I have been working on lately. Me chatting away and waving my hands around--hehe!
YouTube is changing their format pretty soon. Said you could go ahead and change it now and tweak it. I changed from a blue background to a green one for the heck of it. The layout is a little different, but it is supposed to be easier to navigate. We'll see, eh? Old dog and all--hehe! That's one thing about the computer world--it is in constant flux. :)
Well, I had best have an English muffin to settle my stomach, see how Miss Karma is feeling, and see if the plans are still on for today. :)


Anonymous said...

Hope Karma is feeling better - and what a nice name for a cat!

Serena Lewis said...

poor karma.....i hope she is fine now.

i hate when computers and their hardware don't want to cooperate with each other.

while you're sweltering in the heat, we're feeling the cold...but only in the mornings and nights. our winter days can be quite pleasant where we can get away with wearing short sleeves. so far, we've been having a very mild winter. the unbearably hot, humid days will be here soon enough though so i'm enjoying the cold while i can.

Rita said...

Hi Anna,
Yes--Miss Karma seems to be her old self again. My last cat's name was Chakra. :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
She's better, thanks.

Computers! I'd be lost without Dagan and Leah to help me. Can't live without them anymore and I remember the days I swore I'd never own one--hehe! (Same with a call phone--ha!)

I can't imagine a winter day where we could wear short sleeves--what a hoot! Yes--enjoy your cooler weather before you have those 100+ degree days again! :):)