Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When you have dishes arrive by UPS in a box looking like this...
...(note the bright orange "fragile/glassware" sticker)...
...you are genuinely surprised that only one out of eight dishes was broken or chipped.
I emailed Pfaltzgraff with pictures and they have already gotten back to me this morning. Said they'd send another plate right away.
I have ordered from them a couple other times and they packed everything so carefully and in sturdier boxes. I was shocked this time, to be honest, at the flimsy box (which was way too big--they slid about and popped a lot of the bubble wrappings, of course, because eight plates are heavy). Well, some companies must be cutting corners where ever they can, eh? Or I caught them when they had run out of sturdy boxes? Be interesting to see how this single plate comes.
Karma, of course, had no complaints on the box or the bubble wrap. She was quite satisfied with what they had sent her.
She wasn't that pleased with me this morning for putting her "gift" in the trash--hehe! She only had it for one night. More's the pity, eh? But Caroline is coming today to clean and, although Karma thought it was a perfectly acceptable and aromatic box, I didn't want to look at it for the next few days. Too smashed and full of tape and re-taping--and bad memories--hehe!
Leah is planning on coming over to work on the red paper tomorrow--tada! Been ages since we got together for crafts! Nice! So--I cleared off the table, too. All ready to plop down some wet paper tomorrow. :)
I hear thunder. It is a dark and rainy morning in Fargo. :):)


Intense Guy said...

LOL - that cat in the box really likes being "penned" in -

Did prehistoric cats live in caves or something?

Rita said...

Hi Guy!
I think it's the hiding thing. They probably would have instinctively hidden anywhere--caves, meteor pits, trees, rocks, inside animal carcasses...ROFL!

Serena Lewis said...

what a lovely plate! a pity about the breakage but, after seeing the pic of the box, it's not surprising.

LOL at karma....life is never dull for her ~ :)

Rita said...

I'm so late replying that the new plate should be here any day. :) I'll post a picture, of course--hehe!