Saturday, July 11, 2009


A little variety for Miss Karma. Draped the fitted sheet over different pieces of furniture and moved them around--hehe!

Karma is certainly curious--easily intrigued and entertained--but tires easily--hehe!
We could be twins--ROFL!!


Serena Lewis said... sweet ~ :)

Serena Lewis said...

btw, rita, thanks for your comment today on my blog. if you're interested in trying zentangles, you can find out more about them at

it truly is wonderful to just sit and do this mindless doodling...almost a meditation in itself. you can click on the different links to find out the basic guidelines though nothing is set in stone....just go with what you feel drawn to do when your pen hits that paper. the fun is in seeing what you end up with because it's not pre-planned. i'm sure you will love it ~ :)

taiona said...

Hey Rita - Thanks for the comment on the Prairie Falcon. BTW that's another "crop". Did you see my comment on the crop thing? I think it's on my blog. If you need any further explanations, just ask. My house has a "cat walk" :). During the winter the cats like to perch "up top" cauze heat rises. I am sometimes envious as they parade on their perilous perches (showing off).

Rita said...

Thanks Serena! I looked up zentangles--looks like fun!

Hi Taiona--Karma is so jealous! hehe! I think I'll pass on learning about cropping right now--thanks. Got to concentrate on keeping up with what I do know--hehe!