Friday, July 10, 2009


Was over at Dagan and Leah's until a little after midnight! :):) Leah cut my hair for me and then we watched "How It's Made" on handmade paper and several other things--including a completely automated dairy farm where the cows are not touched by human hands--strange, but fascinating!
Leah made lasagna for dinner.
We did Sacred Circle.
Dagan and Leah have the same set of Angel Messenger cards and the same burning bowl over at their place, so it makes it easy to set up at either place. :)
Oh--Leah made a chocolate layer cake from scratch, too! We were watching America's Test Kitchen and she wrote down the recipe in her computer and just went right over and made this! Dagan, meanwhile, was introducing me to the series "Supernatural"--hehe!
She's giving me a kind of dirty look here for snapping her picture.
Dagan gets silly--hehe!
We actually had dessert before we did our Sacred Circle. I guess I got the pictures out of order a little--oh well. :)Leah sent home cake and lasagna with me. Yummy! You know what I'll be eating today. :) Before I left for home--we even took a few minutes out on the balcony to send some healing energy to the earth. Was a beautiful clear night.
R&R for me today. What a nice day yesterday! There's nothing like spending time with the people you love. :):)
P.S. Was Karma ever glad to see me when I walked in! She was Miss Lovey Dovey last night--hehe! Cuddle! Cuddle! Cuddle!


Serena Lewis said...

it looked to be a splendid and magical night, rita. :)

that cake sure looked yummy!

and what a lovely way to end the night by sending healing energy to the earth.

taiona said...

Rita - Looks like a good evening with friends. Just remember the delitorious effects of sugar (as in icing etc) It wrecks havoc with the system when you deal with fibro and stuff. It's good to have friends who meet you more than half way and my above comments are just the middle of the night uncensored comments that could very easily go unsaid. Hope you have a good weekend.

Rita said...

Magical--I like that! :) Cake was delicious and we went out to send healing energy to the earth because of your information on your blog! We couldn't see the moon from there, but that didn't matter. We missed the full moon night, anyways. Thanks for the idea--it was magical--yes! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Taiona,
It is a special thing when you get along so well with your daughter-in-law. We are all so comfortable together and enjoy each other's company. So nice! :)

I know I have read about several things that are said to set off fibro flares. I tried doing a sugar-free, carb-free, gluten-free diet for a few months once a few years ago and didn't notice any difference at all. And nothing different when I returned to a regular diet. ?? I tried keeping a food/pain journal, too, to see if the pain/exhaustion could be linked to eating habits. Nothing showed up really. So, I do know what you meant and I have tried investigating that aspect. I guess I have found mine to be more directly linked to physical activity--usually quite obviously--and to salt intake. I can't eat much salty or processed foods. That's the only obvious physical effect I have found with foods. Thanks so much for your concern and helpful advice, tho. I really do appreciate it. :):)