Sunday, July 05, 2009


Karma and I had a nice quiet Fourth. :)
I watched the second DVD of William and Mary. The last one is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Apparently it was only around for a short time--British series 2003. I love it! Too bad it didn't keep going.

William (Martin Clunes), a lonely undertaker looking for romance, meets Mary (Julie Graham), a midwife, through a dating service. Amid the uneasy balance of life and death involved in their jobs, their relationship experiences more than the usual ups and downs. Cheryl Campbell, Dominick Baron, Peta Cornish, Ricci McLeod and Michael Begley co-star in this acclaimed ITV series, a refreshingly unpredictable blend of comedy, drama and romance.

It's one of those shows that can make you laugh and cry.

Anyways, today I am finally washing clothes. And I am going to make an attempt to catch up online. Seems like I am always behind and playing catch-up--hehe!

I apologize to the people who have tried to send me IMs and I am not at the computer. I leave it on all the time practically--so that I can come and go with my brief visits. Leah set it up so that I have six different pages/folders/tabs (whatever they call them) open at once, too, so I can go back and forth easily--and I am still always behind--ROFL!! Just too many interesting places and people to visit online and not always enough time, I guess. :):)

Anyways, I am going to try to catch up today and do some cyber visiting on this sunny, hot day. Fun! :)


Rebag said...

LOL I know what you mean! I could easily spend a full day just snooping around in facebook and blogs!!

no wonder Im behind!I need to create more!

Rita said...

I know!! So easy to lose time at the computer. That's why I had to start using my timer (or I hurt like heck if I sit here too long). I kind of have to rotate around online, too--like I do in my life--haha! :)