Monday, July 06, 2009


Yup! I spent all my good hours at the computer yesterday and my computer buddy kept me company most of the time. :) I put a thick book alongside the keyboard to try to deter Karma from...
...laying her head on my keyboard...
...but it doesn't work too well. Just keeps her on the edge of the keyboard--and that is if I push her back once in a while--hehe!
Fed up with my jostling, she moves over and uses my stack of bookcrossing books as a pillow.
Obviously, bookcrossing wasn't one of the things I got to yesterday. But I did get caught up online quite a bit this weekend--tada! There are just so many interesting people doing interesting things! I follow several blogs, Flickr accounts, and you tube accounts--plus there are emails and group posts--plus Facebook and a little Twittering--my goodness! :)
Also washed clothes. I had purchased a new fitted sheet because my old one started getting holes in it (made from T-shirt material--very comfy). I draped it over the chair and you-know-who immediately curled up underneath there on the floor. :)
I'm thinking I could cut this up for art rags--very soft and pliable. Meanwhile, I'll let Miss Karma snooze with it and paw crazily up the back of the chair for a day or two.
Sunny day. Possible scattered rain, tho, they said--more storms expected to be moving in and hanging around for a few days. Around 80 again. It has cooled off at night so that I can open the place up--but by afternoon it gets too hot in here for me if it is humid. Whatever the temp is outside--it is usually around 5-10 degrees warmer in here by afternoon--depending on which way the wind blows--hehe!
I've been up later and sleeping in later again. My night owl tendencies always seem to return--hehe! What will I do today.....hummm???


Rebag said...

Oh little Miss Karma is sooo funny, The cutting up for rags is a great idea! I use hubby's old T shirts....they work great!! maybe you should create a small square for karma to claim as her own??

Till later~~~~~

Rita said...

Yes--I figure it will make good rags. I like that they don't fray much, either, when it is that T-shirt material. At least I hope it doesn't fray. I might have to put a piece of it in Karma's stroller for her--hehe! :)