Friday, July 03, 2009


This has been Miss Karma's favorite place to snooze for the last week or so.
Whenever I haven't seen her for a while she's in the stroller behind my chair. :)
Well, let's see...Leah got called in to work yesterday so I never went over to watch the program about handmade paper. Probably go over next week. I worked on the bills and budget. Made my CashWise order (that will come this afternoon).
I ordered some more of my mismatched dishes--on sale. I've wanted more than four plates so I don't have to run the dishwasher until it is full and when my parents and Dagan & Leah are here I don't have enough plates for everybody. Always planned on buying some more patterns from Pfaltzgraff and they have a 20% off sale right now.

I also might get a set of Daniel Smith watercolors while they are running their coupon sale, too. I guess I'd better see if I can do it now while I can. I have to wait and see if I have enough left over after I fill the car, etc. Maybe not. But at least I got some plates so I'm happy with that. :)
Why the sense of urgency?
Well, I just got a new bill yesterday for the oral surgery. Looks like Medicare didn't cover hardly anything and I owe $2,889.00. Yup--the $500 was too good to be true--hehe! And who knows if that is the last of it? So--I am not sure they will let me continue to just make my small payments every month or not? We'll see. I sure hope so! At this rate it will take me over 9 1/2 years to pay off the oral surgery bill. But I will still have the regular dentist bills and I still need to see an eye doctor this summer, too. Heaven forbid I actually get sick--hehe!
Anyways--supposed to be in the low 80s for the next few days. Which means I am inside with the AC on. Dagan and Leah are gone for the weekend to do the usual family visiting over the 4th. I can see the fireworks all over town from my apartment tomorrow night if it's not too cloudy. My big plans for 4th of July weekend? Washing clothes--hehe! Karma and I always have a good time. But she hates the loud noise from the fireworks.
Have a nice Fourth of July weekend! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

OH NO....I feel for you over that huge bill! Try not to sweat it though. Maybe the Medicare money has yet to be claimed off it?

Here, we have free dental care for low income families or those on pensions. It's not a great system because, for an initial visit, you go into the dental hospital and wait around for a whole day to even get seen by a dentist. After that, you are given appointments. I guess when the alternative is a huge bill, it does seem worth the waiting.

taiona said...

Hang in there Rita. It seems that "their" communications regarding anything financial is always stated "in the negative". It's meant to scare the proverbial out of you, I'm guessing so that they will have to pay less of the bill. You pace yourself pretty good though, with a long view instead of a short view which would tend to overwhelm you. Short views are reserved for kittykats :) taiona

taiona said...

By the way Rita, in the post below this one you wrote about your cat pushing out the screen. I have a number of cats :). They have a sitting window also! They learned how to do "the screen thing". So I made a trip to the hardware store and came up with a barrier. It's a waffle design used for venting in (?) refrigeration. The squares are about half inch, maybe a quarter in deep which gives it strength. You can buy the width of your window and just place it in without nails or other permanent stuff. You get air, your cat isn't bothered by it because she gets the illusion of hiding and seeing through it at the same time. I will try to find out what the actual name is. I think I paid $11 for one window, a little spending but worth it.

Rita said...

I have had several people tell me that maybe the bill hasn't gone thru Medicare yet. I hope everyone is right? That would be wonderful!

For free dental--I'd wait in line. I already wait quite a bit for the poor folk's dentist--hehe!

Rita said...

I sure hope you are right! I'd be thrilled to see that bill go down instead of up. :)

That's a wonderful idea about the screen thingie. I am sure my daughter-in-law, Leah (our tool girl) could find something at the hardware store or home improvement store. She has the saws and such to cut it to fit exactly, too. I think I know what you mean--they are stiff and don't bend, right? Awesome idea!! Thanks! :):)