Monday, July 27, 2009


Washing clothes yesterday I couldn't help but notice the huge blank spot where all the papermaking supplies used to be. *sniff-sniff*
Guess I have room to do some more cleaning, organizing, and rearranging, eh?
I am in the middle of making up more of my weekly schedule sheets (my motivators). Yesterday I printed off for the whole rest of the year. Now I am just dating them and filling in what is already scheduled.
Also printed off my bank statement--got to balance the checkbook and figure out the budget for August. Some of the more boring things one has to do in life, eh? Oh-and I have the paperwork for the oral surgery bill--need to make copies of all that proof I am poor--hehe! That's what the day looks like for me this Monday.
I am making my way around the clock. Just got up about an hour ago. So weird. But the nighttime is sooooo very peaceful and quiet. My floor lamp is fixed and great to write letters or read by in the dead of night.
But--when Miss Karma thinks it is time for a cuddle she'll sit on the arm of my chair, purr loudly, and rub her head against my lapdesk so violently that it's impossible to read or write. As soon as I remove the bookcard or book and the lapdesk she climbs up on the other lap pillow and rubs her head against my face.
But she still keeps a sharp eye out for moths that might appear under the lamp light--hehe!
Thank goodness my ear is clean--ROFL! Never know when you're going to have an ear close-up, I guess, eh? :)

Well, here's to finishing up all the paperwork today! Hope you are doing something more fun. I'll just kind of zen-out and I can make almost any chore a pleasant experience. But it's still not really "fun-fun"--hehe!

I've managed to keep the place open so far. Low 80's but not very humid. The humidity makes all the difference.

Welcome to a new week! :):)


Intense Guy said...

I bet Karma would help you keep your ear clean.

...and those empty racks and spaces - they have a tendency to get filled in quickly don't they?


Rebag said...

HI Rita, Well you know as crafters it will not be long you will find something to place in the empty space! I never seem to have enough space, Nevr ending trying to juggle stuff and make it all fit!

Karma looks so relaxed, I love it when our cat gets those fits, however I do not rank high on her list due to my little chiuauah (sp) dog but now and then she gives me some cuddle time other wise its her and hubby! Spiled pets i tell ya they get to be like kids but no talking back!!

Have a great day!

Rita said...

IG--For all it's well intention, I think cat ear-licking would gross me out and tickle too much--hehe!

Very quickly! So I have not touched mine yet. Savoring the space. It seems like whatever space we have--we fill up. Hummm....

Rita said...

Rebag--Yup! I have a lot of juggling I can do--starting with cleaning in the bedroom closet and drawers. More craft stuff in there--hehe! :)

We had chihuahuas when I was young! We had a male and female and sold the puppies. Most of my cats have been bigger than those dogs ever were--ha! Karma definitely would be! She must weigh about 18 pounds or thereabouts? I don't know about no talking back, tho--hhe! Miss Karma can give me grief when I "annoy" her and don't let her get her way. :):)