Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday 10:45pm

Last night I was trying out Leah's new garlic twist. I was chopping up a whole bunch of cloves so I could put them in a jar with oil in the frig--handy. But working the twist was too hard on my bad arm, so I couldn't write last night. And pretty sore today, but on the mend--so this will be short. I chopped onions today in the food processor and put them in a jar with oil for the frig, too. Makes the new methods of cooking so much easier! Prep work!

Thunderstorms off and on all day. I watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy--old and new versions. Silly stuff! :)

When I overdo it--I am a zombie. So today was a zombie day. Puttered about. Did a second layer of paint on the first two pages of the altered book. Found a few more pictures online yesterday. Worked on making cards a little. Just a quiet day--with occasional thunder--hehe!

I slept for 5 1/2 hours straight and felt so disoriented that I couldn't get back to sleep. So, I am dragging today. Off to bed early. Still amazed I am suddenly sleeping longer! Three hours used to be about my max. I am so used to being up every 1-2 hours that I felt drugged when I woke up--ha! I could get used to it, tho--easily! :)

I can smell the wet grasses and the pond in the field out my windows. The breeze has cooled off a bit now tonight.

Oh, Leah was out shopping all last night after we went to Dr. John's and she found me a cheap box fan for my bedroom window! $10.99 at Target and it has a lot of power. Also makes a lot of noise but, since I am usually sleeping late, it helps drown out the kids playing in the yard. :) And she brought me a big jug of cashews from Sam's Club, and I asked her when she called to see if they had Iams for indoor cats or adults for Karma--they had the indoor stuff. And Leah surprised me with a bottle of dry sherry from the liquor store (instead of the cooking sherry that doesn't taste as good) for the Chinese recipes. I didn't realize they used sherry quite a bit--at least in this cookbook (Helen Chen). It was like Christmas!! I just wanted to hug her and hug her and hug her!

I'm glad Karma can have something else for a treat. I think it is just not agreeing with her to have the canned or pouch food lately. I think it might be spoiling too fast or something. Now she can try this Iams for Indoor Cats and we'll see how that goes. She even threw up a few days ago--before she hid under the bed that one day. Unless she managed to find a Japanese beetle (look like lady bugs) that got under the screen? She eats them and they do make her throw up? I just am glad Karma's feeling more like her old self. She was playing chase and hide and seek like normal the last couple nights at bedtime. She's my companion. Makes me laugh every day. I worry when she acts sick.

I'll have to try to remember tomorrow to write about Dr. John's testing program that Leah and I signed up for on Thursday.

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