Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Wow! I am not sure what the chiropractor does banging around on my spine, but I slept for five straight hours last night without waking up! I can't remember the last time I slept that much at one time! Years! Wow!

I was inspired to start working at the collage/altered book, so I was online off and on looking up pictures I could print off to use for my fantasy life theme. Things to do with art/crafts, writing, and energy work. Found some pictures of some studios people build out in the woods near their houses. A fantasy desk for the writing room. Fantasy painting equipment--large easel, tables, etc. Was having a great time this afternoon! hehe! I have at least gotten started collecting pictures--I have finally begun!

Dagan brought me to Dr. John's and dropped me off back home. It is nice to see Dagan and Leah more often, even if it is just a short trip to Moorhead and back. Nice to spend time with them alone. :) Tomorrow Dagan picks me up--and I have to have the painting supplies packed and ready to go (table easel, books, drawing pencils, etc). Finally we will paint! Or at least do the underpainting and a sketch--hehe! We will start, anyways.

Then tonight Ruby called me!! I haven't heard from her for sooo long! We burned up the wires between here and Menomonie, Wisconsin!! I have missed her voice and her laughter more than I even realized! Wonderful way to spend the evening!!

So, now I am chatting on this blog. Not sure anybody actually reads it and it is just the boring chit-chat of my life--but I am slowly getting more comfortable writing an email and CCing it to the world. And if my friends and family ever wonder what I have been up to, they can check and see pretty easily. :)

If I keep feeling better and better, I will have more time and energy to write more and might learn how to use the digital camera Dagan and Leah gave me when they bought a new one. Might be able to put some picture on here and on my website--eventually. Well, I am not sure they let me put them on this site without paying more, but I might do that eventually, too, if I become more computer savvy. hehe!

There is pounding music again tonight, BTW. And laughter. Somewhere below me. (I'm on third floor.) But it didn't last too long last night, so I am hoping it will stop after a little while and it doesn't seem quite as loud as last night. Me--I am a night owl, so it doesn't bother me so much because I am still awake. But if they wake up anybody who was sleeping, I am sure they'd be annoyed.

Well, I am going to go sit down and relax and watch a movie. Go back in time to English warlords and Irish Kings and knights and fair maidens (Tristan & Isolde).

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