Monday, June 19, 2006


Unusual for my building--there is pounding music playing somewhere. Just started maybe ten minutes ago. Hope this isn't going to be a regular thing? With all the children in the building, the tenants won't put up with this for very long.

Anyways, Leah took me to Dr. John's and home after work. If it wasn't for Leah, I wouldn't be going to Dr. John in the first place and wouldn't be seeing these improvements and feeling better! She is so generous and kind to me! Dagan sure has wonderful taste! ;)

Jennifer called and came by tonight. We sat on the porch and chatted and then watched some TV. She's such a nice girl! The day just flew by today!! Beautiful, sunny, the usual Fargo wind, and about 80 degrees, I think.

Checked out some acrylic painters (on tape off PBS) and really like Jerry Yarnell's style. So did Jennifer. I watched some more of his shows after Jennifer left. Guess I'll have to see if I can buy one of his DVD's in July? Not sure if I will be able to, with needing to buy a fan or two now, but we'll see. Maybe I can cut back on something else--juggle! :) Getting excited about Wednesday!!

Been thinking a lot about my "dream life" that Dr. John wants me to write down and construct a collage, too. I would live out in the country where I could go out and walk the land. And there'd be trees and a stream/creek--running water of some kind. I'd be healthy again where I could work at something for hours on end. I could write all night till dawn again and work on poems and stories.

I'm not sure what the place would look like, but I know I'd have a room for writing--with a computer and all my writing books (could be a smaller room--wouldn't even need windows!). I'd have a craft/painting room--maybe even a separate studio!--large enough for groups of people to come and all participate--with lots of light! I'd have a smaller room just for energy work where I could keep my massage table up all the time and have plenty of room to walk around it while I worked--with my music and candles. And I'd have a dining room, or some room with a large table, where I could have groups come for Sacred Circle. Those are the three things I need to do in my life: write, arts & crafts, and the energy work/spiritual path. Well, and I need critters around, too. :) I know Dr. John wants me to be more specific about all this, so that's why I have been thinking about doing a collage or altered book first and gathering pictures of places. I guess it helps to manifest things into your life, right? Be fun, regardless. Like being a kid again--cutting and pasting and painting!

Well, I am off to read. I missed appointments when I was sick, so I am supposed to go Mon-Thurs this week to Dr. John's. All I know is that it is helping me and I keep seeing gradual improvement! Blessed! I am blessed!! :)

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