Saturday, June 17, 2006


I just get well and last night after I wrote I became very ill. Had tuna salad with Miracle Whip--and the expiration date was middle of last month. I figured out that it was food poisoning after I finally threw up till there was nothing left and suddenly started to feel a little better after terrible stomach pains for over an hour. Good Lord! Miracle Whip went into the trash and will not be replaced because of my new way of eating, anyways. Might have been a God-will-get-you-for-that moment--hehe! I am getting gradually closer to 100% switched over, eh?

So, I was dragging today. Wrote a couple of letters. Feeling so grateful for everything in my life. Thinking a lot about how if we didn't have the darkness we wouldn't feel the joy of being flooded with the light. The contrasts are what give us the beauty down here. A philosophical, smiling day!

Karma has been restless and wanting to go out on the porch and then come back in--then out--till I just cut her off. So she's a bit annoyed with me...hehe! I am hoping the humidity will die down soon. I can take the heat pretty well in this apartment, but not the humidity. I am on third floor and there is usually a breeze living in Fargo.

I was here a year in February and I am still so delighted with it--even if I had to downsize and it is quite crowded in here. Last summer Leah and I put a mesh screen up with outdoor velcro out on the balcony, which is enclosed on five sides. This spring Dagan and I covered the floor with forest green outdoor carpeting so the bugs can't get in thru the floor boards, either. The carpeting makes it feel like a screened in porch now. When it is nice out I can leave both the door and the screen door propped open all day long and not worry about bugs. It was like putting on an addition to the apartment! I love to sit out there and read in good weather. Karma loves being able to come in and out at will, of course--me, too! This is the first time I have had to close it up for a couple of days. Seems so early to be having to do that?

I have felt pretty good today. Was a little queasy still this morning for a while, but then okay--just exhausted. So, heading to bed to read.

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