Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Got the camera to work!! Here is the cut-down watercolor (that I didn't like how it turned out)--three Black-Eyed Susans--now pasted into the front of my altered book. First thing I have put in the book about my dream life or ideal life--a little bit of attempted art.
I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to add photos. This is my third try. They seem to load bottom to top? And you have to wait until later to add the captions, I guess. Here are the cards I made.
This is a close-up of the card with the most dark ink on it. Or as much of a close-up as I am able to get with this camera so far-hehe!
Here's the actual painting hanging outside my apartment door. I wasn't crazy about this one, either. But it turned out so-so. I screwed up the center and didn't leave white spots (watercolors)--so I cheated and just dabbed some silver acrylic paint in the center. I am just a novice. And this is just hanging outside my door--where it could be vandalized (they had some trouble with that in this building for a while?). I had to put something out there that I didn't care what happened to it--hehe!

I tried to get a close-up to show that there's a lot more definition to the petals than my copier had left in it-ha! And with the last copy I tried to make there were streaks all thru the flower, so the color cartridge has bit the dust, as they say. This is a Plains Coreopsis--wildlfower.

Well, this took me a long time. I will have more photos to come, tho, now!!


  1. You are very talented :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Rita! I have finally found some time to begin reading through your archives starting right at the beginning. I needed to comment on this post since it was the first where you'd uploaded pictures and I have to say, you did a great job! Also, it's been a treat to see some of your earlier artwork. These are quite lovely!

  3. Desiree--OMGosh! That is so cool that you went back to peek! This was back before I knew I had to click something to choose to be informed that I even got comments. I didn't know that for quite a while. Then I didn't know what to do--answer or not answer--LOL! I've had two hand-me-down cameras from Dagan and Leah. They changed my blog completely! I had to learn how to use a digital camera. Obviously got hooked! ;)

    As you can maybe tell, I just wrote for family and friends and wasn't sure what I was doing. Still don't know half what I could probably do on my blog--LOL!

    When you're back here you would see bony gangly Karma when I got her. She had parasites and was pretty sickly for a while. I think that's where her food issues came from. She could eat and eat and she was just bones. Obviously she made up for it. ;)

    You are so sweet to go back and see what's been happening in past years. *big hugs* I hope it wasn't too boring. :):)


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