Sunday, June 11, 2006


Two three-hour movies with subtitles are a bit much for one day. I am on another break with over an hour left to go. I can only sit about two hours maximum in my comfortable lounge chair--my best spot for sitting. I am so used to doing two things at once and you cannot do that when you have to read subtitles. So no letter writing or making cards or reading magazines while I watched today.

The first one I rented (thank God for Netflix) was the 1972 version of Solaris, a bizarre sci-fi movie. I have the newer one coming. I like to do that, get the old version, then the new one, and compare them. I certainly hope the newer one makes more sense. I started to listen to the commentary and learned that the director, Andrei Tarkovsky, didn't seem to worry himself about cohesiveness or sticking to what was written by the author, so I have hopes for a better version coming soon-hehe!

The one I am watching now is by director Krysztof Kieslowski and called The Decalogue. Ten one hour movies with different cinematographers depicting the ten commandments in strange but interesting ways, thusfar. The first disc is just 1-3. I had previously rented Blue, White, and Red by this director and enjoyed them all--so had to order the commandments series, of course. His movies are intense and slow-moving with a lot of attention to detail.

I know, I know--I should be telling you more about myself. I will. I am just wrapped up in #2- adultery, I assume, and can't get it off my mind. This woman has been dogging her husband's doctor and trying to get him to tell her if her husband, who just had surgery, is going to die or not. He just kept telling her, "I don't know." When I stopped the DVD she had just told the doctor that her husband is infertile, she still loves him, but she has had an affair, is 3 months pregnant ,(and feels this is her last chance to have a baby--I don't understand why), and whether she keeps the baby or has an abortion depends on whether her husband lives or dies. A lady of secrets!! Whew!

The first one seemed to be on the false god commandment. A father and son spent a lot of time on the computer and they seemed to think it could figure out and measure anything. They used the computer and a math equation and the recent temperatures to figure out how thick the ice was on the lake. The dad assured his son that it could hold three times his weight, so he could go out and try his new skates. His son and another boy fell through the ice and drowned the next day. Very sad, but you could see that one coming a mile away! Not sure what will happen with this one and I don't want to ruin the surprises for anybody else watching these. So, back I go for my last movie session tonight.

I guess I will be writing about whatever I feel like talking about at the moment, eh? :)

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