Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday Night (technically Monday) 2 am

Until I go to sleep or see the sun rising, it is still the same day to me. Midnight doesn't mean a thing in my world-hehe!

I was totally sucked into the computer today. I confess, I am a "Favorites" Freak! I was searching blogs to come back to read later, for information on my new way of eating/supplies & books for it, and for information on sprouting your own seeds. I have been sitting here off and on most of the evening. Am too sore to say much else--but I am excited about all my finds!!

Managed to half-watch a sillier movie on USA called Along Came Polly, but taped the premier of The 4400 to watch later. Oh and BTW, the commandments series--they don't always turn out as you might think and might not be about the commandment that you thought!

Am off to read in bed and crash. Am getting closer to the end of Happy Are The Meek by Andrew M. Greeley--from a box of books I borrowed a few years back from my dear friend Ruby in Wisconsin. I am coming to the end of the box after all this time!! Only three more books to go after this one. Maybe she'll decide to drive over to visit me this summer to pick them up? :):) Meanwhile--read and sleep. Maybe I'll get to the blog sooner tomorrow night...

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