Sunday, June 18, 2006


Sleepathon last night! Over 15 hours. So, I felt so much more human today. Anybody with fibromyalgia knows how we need our sleep and don't function very well when we go for days on less than our normal amount. And my normal amount went up from 7-8 to more like 9-10 hours when I got fibro.

Anyways, such a beautiful day!! Was able to open all the windows and enjoy the breeze again after being closed up for a couple days due to heat and humidity. Sat on the porch and read some. Wrote several letters. Made a couple long distance calls to people I haven't talked to for a while. Puttering thru my craft supplies thinking about and planning how to do my first Altered Book (on my dream life). Did a little bit of prep work on starting to put together some cards from handmade paper. Had the TV on for background noise, as usual--hehe! But am now going to do some actual watching of the two shows I taped tonight--The 4400 and Rescue Me.

Peaceful day. I treasure the peaceful, calm days!

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