Thursday, June 29, 2006


More pictures!
This is my "porch" where I love to sit and read.
I'll have to get a better picture of the makeshift screen and the view. Leah is planning on helping me put up some hanging plants out there and a couple inside, too, tonight after Dr. John's--so I will be taking more pictures of the porch.

This is the view from the livingroom, or my greatroom--hehe! I keep the shades at half-mast when it is supposed to get so hot out (90 degrees today?). This is where I do my crafts, some writing & reading, and painting--my everything table. Occasionally eat there, too--hehe!

This entire end of the room is considered the "craft area" and craft supplies continue down to the second cherry bookcase--seen in next picture.

These all contain craft and painting supplies. There are additional supplies elsewhere in the apartment, too. Note: there are advantages to living alone--hehe! I can arrange my place any way I want to and not get any grief for it! Not too many people would put a dining room table in front of their picture window.

Speaking of--Karma loves it!! For those of you who hear me talk about how she reminds me of my grandmother--always checking out the comings and goings of the neighbors--here's Miss Karma keeping track. She prefers to sit sideways in the chair over the wooden arm for a better view.

She keeps vigil off and on--day and night. Not only on the lookout for people and cars, but for birds, dogs being walked, and what she misses the most (since the carpet went down this spring)--bugs! On rainy days and nights she even watches the droplets creep down the screens and glass. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

And the job is occasionally too exhausting even for Karma. She will drift off, but remain in sentry position in case of the sound of a child's cry, a bird's wing, the lawnmower, the garbage truck, or a bug buzzing its body against the screen. Widescreen Cat-TV is just too fascinating to miss.

And then there's Miss Gracie. Timid little Gracie who hides behind her big threats and runs for cover at the drop of -- well, anything loudly dropping...or flapping...or hands of any kind (except when she wants to be saved from the floor or is really tired and wants to go nite-nite in her cage). I have had several mistreated birds over my lifetime. I see right through her and she knows it. I give her her space and we get along fine. And she loves anybody who will keep their hands down at their sides, come up close, and talk sweetly to her. She'll come up near and sometimes talk/sing to you. She will even let me give her kisses when she is in the mood.

That's it for this afternoon. :)

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