Friday, June 30, 2006


Yesterday Leah and I went to Dr. John's, then to the Farmer's Market (Leah bought some baby red potatoes for our dinner with my folks on Monday), and then we came back here. She brought her drill with and put four hooks up for me to hang plants. Leah drilled while I arranged plants in the hangers and Karma captured dead stray leaves and attempted every time my back was turned to take a nibble out of the green ones. There are now two plants hanging on the porch, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom.

I didn't get pictures yet because I was too tired today after the week, as usual, to accomplish much. I spent all my energy cleaning up all the places where the plants had been. Did a lot of dusting and climbing about on the stool today. Had some tiny coffee cup hooks from years ago and twisted them into the wall to hold up the philodendron that has made its way across the desk hutch and a bookcase so far--with secret dreams of reaching the windows. I thought I'd help out. By the time I was done with that I felt like a noodle. Sat and watch Syriana tonight. Was a good movie--but it makes me sad, too. We are so dependent on fossil fuels in so many ways. I wish there were more options for people--and options that didn't cost so much more--options that didn't harm the Earth. Wish people didn't lie and use other people to get what they want. So much corruption. But--then it wouldn't be Earth, I suppose. It's like one big spiritual testing ground down here. Sometimes I feel like I got held back a grade or two.

Miss Karma is feeling better. She hasn't been sick or acting any weirder than she normally does--chuckle! Thank you to the people who have asked about her. :) She really scared me there for a couple of days! Had to be something she ate, I figure. I tried not giving her any canned food, but she cried and cried--and the second day, thinking I was a bit dense or had suddenly gone senile, howled her protest. It might be the routine more than the actual food. So, she has only gotten her very favorite canned food (salmon) and only about a tablespoon a day. And she scarfs it down and I take the plate away as soon as she's done (because there are always tiny pieces she will come back and search out later and I don't want to take the chance after the barfing and listlessness). She's been doing great! Back to her old strange self! :)

My changing the eating habits has going pretty darn well, actually. I am concentrating on eliminating the wheat and dairy first. I have also cut back on sweets, but will not be giving them up in July that's for sure. (Maybe never!) I have just tried to make them healthier--at least in my own estimation--hehe! Have been sticking to dried fruit, sherbet, frozen yogurt, popsicles (can you tell it's been hot out), and using maple syrup for sweetener on hot cereal. Next month I am getting brave and going to try ordering wheat-free dry cereal, frozen waffles, and cookies. Obviously desperate for sweets--but, also, it is difficult to find things to eat for breakfast with no wheat or dairy when you've spent 55 years eating toast, bagels, dry cereal, eggs, omelets, French toast, etc. I make up what I call Monk's Gruel and keep it in the frig, but it gets old eating the same thing every day. (It is a recipe for a sweet rice, hot cereal type of thing from a book of recipes from a monastery.) As long as I have something sweet around, I have been able to stick pretty well to the rest of it. I am shocked that I am not going crazy nuts for my French Vanilla Cafe from International Coffees?? I have been drinking that for years and years--just love it!! I actually have part of a can at Dagan and Leah's and can have a mug when I go over there to paint -- until it is gone, of course. And I have actually forgotten to make it until quite a while after I'm there! Shock! So, it is going well so far. :) My budget won't allow ordering from CashWise twice a month yet--but maybe in August.

My sleeping has been screwy again this week. I think it is the doing the PH samples and temp stuff. Has thrown me off--but it doesn't take much--hehe! I got less sleep this last week and will be resting up over the weekend and hopefully sleeping in late! Ahhh! I get less and less functional as I get less and less sleep--and the pain level goes up and up--which makes it hard to sleep. Vicious circle. Hope to break the cycle this weekend.

Speaking of--I'm off. More tomorrow. :)

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