Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday-11:30 pm

Dagan came for lunch and he got my computer to recognize a CD/DVD again. Don't ask me how--I haven't a clue. Leah and I went to Dr. John's. Home again. Warm day. The box fan in the bedroom window died a quiet death, after an increasingly noisier recent life--hehe! It now lies in the bottom of the dumpster. I read on the porch for quite a while--such a beautiful evening! Then I came inside and watched An Unfinished Life, which I really enjoyed. Almost too warm to move much. I hate to close it up in here, but the humidity seems to be worse. We'll see how it is to sleep and if it cools off enough tonight?

I was working on a card yesterday and finished it up today. Light green handmade paper with a white handmade paper mould circle glued on the front (sunflower). It has an inside white cardstock sleeve and is tied together with yarn. I colored the sunflower with radiant pearls before I glued it on and the white mould paper is so porous that it absorbed the glue and spread the color all over and made it look like a watercolor! Looks okay, tho. So, next time--glue it on first and then color after it is nice and dry-duh!

About time I get to making cards. I have completely used up my stash of handmade cards. And I do write a lot of letters. Have to work on that this weekend.

And I, also, have my "homework" from the chiropractor--to write down what my dream life would be if I had nothing to hold me back? Not physically, financially--no boundaries--what would I want my life to be like? What would my true path be? Dr. John doesn't even need to read it--just wants to help me to release my own blockages that are holding me back from being able to be the best me I can be. That's why I like him--he is a believer in miracles, positive thinking, and creative visualization. Not sure he'd put those exact labels on himself, but he has great positive energy and believes in the power of the mind and heart. He also suggested I make a collage of all the dreams--all the things I'd like to have in my life. I am thinking of doing an altered book, actually--been wanting to try one of those for a long time. Hummm??? And I am not rushing this. I take these things very seriously and want to do some heavy thinkin' on the subject before I put pen to paper. I may be milling on this here, too--that's a definite possibility.

I'm hoping to get to bed a little earlier tonight. Heading to bed to read The Book Of Ruth. Very interesting so far!

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