Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This is where I am sitting as I write tonight--at my desk--home--tired and sore, but happy.

It was painting night at Dagan and Leah's. Here is my son, Dagan, working on his Yin Yang symbol in black and red. He got almost done tonight. Just needs a tiny bit of tweaking and he will be finished and has to figure out what to do for another project!

Here's Leah, my daughter-in-law, who cooked us a yummy chicken cashew stir fry tonight before we began painting. Thank you, Leah!! She is painting a black undercoating on all four of her paintings. She is going to do the oriental symbols for the seasons on the black backgrounds. She got her first coat done on all four of them!

And then there's me--attempting to learn the scumbling technique. I have no idea what I am doing, but I am having fun! I didn't get very far, but am learning some things not to do--hehe! And with acrylics, you can just let it dry and paint over it again if you don't like what you did. I love that! So different than watercolor painting. I do love my watercolors, too--they are just so different. I am not used to worrying about my paint drying up! Chuckle!

Definitely decided that I need to place an order to Dick Blick for a few additional supplies come July--need gesso and a couple other things. This is definitely a change of pace and it is always exciting to learn some new way to be creative. We are not meeting for two weeks, due to the Fourth of July, my folks visiting, and then a trip to Minneapolis the weekend after that. Just too much going on for a bit here, so we will wait and meet again on the 12th of July. By then the additional supplies should have arrived, too.

I am too tired to say much else. I am really getting a kick out of putting the photos online!! More tomorrow! :)

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