Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sat 10pm

Another day of passing thunderstorms. I really enjoy them when you can watch them without being out and getting drenched in them. I love the fresh smell and how green everything looks afterwards.

Okay--I was going to explain about the testing that Leah and I are doing with Dr. John. He's gone through some more training and has set up a lab in the back room. We are getting a guinea pig discount ($40 vs maybe $180 after he gets done practicing on us--haha!) It is testing the body chemistry and such.

First, on Thursday, he swabbed our inner forearms with some iron stuff that looked like iodine and we had to see how many hours it took for our body to absorb it and for it to disappear altogether. We have paperwork and logs to fill out.

Then for two days (we are both doing this weekend) you have this very restricted diet and then take a urine sample the third morning. I thought I was doing well--but then reread it tonight and saw no salt! Well, the stir fry have salty sauces in them. Good grief. Well, I'll just have to have some salt I guess. I don't have a lot to pick from in here right now. The list is No: nutritional supplements, gum, breath mints, candy, food colorings, artificial sweeteners, sugar, sweets, coffee, black tea, soda, salt, beets, carrots, berries, processed foods--only natural foods. Eat meat or fish two meals a day and drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water each day. Whew. Well, I didn't have fish today. I only had enough fish in the freezer for one day, anyways. I'll bake some fish tomorrow.

Anyways, then on Monday morning--besides the urine sample--we start taking our temperature before we get up and move around, under arm temp. Then PH test our saliva and urine in the morning right away and then test urine PH again in 1-3 hours. He said do that for a week. And we can eat normally during that week. He'll take a finger-prick blood sample, too, later.

All of these test different things. Apparently he will check everything from cholesterol to thyroid? Should be interesting to see what the results are. I am adding this to what I already owe him. I just make monthly payments to him. I tease him that at this rate I will still be making payments to him after he retires!

It says that the iron test should have taken around 24 hours to disappear. Mine was gone in 6 hours and Leah's was gone in 8! So, we must need iron? I am wondering about cholesterol and thyroid, too? Time will tell.

Last night I slept eight hours and was only up twice! Something has really begun to happen with my sleeping better--and I am very happy about that! I wonder if he can do anything about energy/exhaustion from the Fibro? Hummm??? I told him about the arthritis in my hips and knees and the plantar fasciitis and heel spurs--and he has worked with my knees and hips--pulling my legs straight and moving my knees about. And he does some massaging of my feet and hits them with the little hammer, too.

Well, the hardest things for me so far this weekend have been the no coffee and the no sugar (of course, I had salt without thinking about it in the stir fry sauce). I can hardly wait until I can have a big, steaming mug of hot coffee Monday morning!!

Well, I am off to read. Hope to sleep well!

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