Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Gorgeous, gorgeous day! Sunny with a hazy sky, breezes, and 72 degrees. Sadly the haze is being caused by the smoke from forest fires in nearby Canada. Supposed to stay nice like this for a couple of days. Let's hope they're right.

I was up earlier, but got some sleep last night in two different sessions. During the middle of the night I watched some things I had taped and read. After I got up the second time this morning, I made up three cards. My printer is running out of ink, or I would have made some more. I used copies of a wildflower I painted (that is now hanging outside of my door over my apartment number) for the fronts of the cards. Framed them with orange colored paper and put them on folded handmade paper. I had to print on regular typing paper--or as Leah said, "What? You mean printer paper? Nobody says typing paper any more." hehe! Several of the handmade papers are so thin (I was experimenting to see how thin I could actually make them) that cardstock would have been too heavy to put on the front.

Well, got motivated and I just went to finally open the box with the digital camera Dagan and Leah gave me and the rechargeable batteries are all dead--of course. Serves me right--hehe! I should have been monkeying with this camera and learning how to use it when they gave it to me over a month ago. So, I have some batteries charging and maybe I can actually add a picture tomorrow. I see where there's a box I can click on to "add image"?? I'll check it out tomorrow.

My cleaning girl, Caroline, came this afternoon. I had some extra things for her to do. She's a nice girl. I am glad to have the help. She comes every two weeks and does the maintenance type stuff: vacuuming, scrubs the floors, cleans the bathroom, and some dusting. It is difficult for me to get down on my knees (arthritis) and I can't lean on my bad arm for any length of time to scrub with my good arm. From overusing my good arm, I tore up that shoulder about a year and a half ago carrying grocery bags and it still isn't back 100% even with all the exercises and stretching. That's why I am so glad they have CashWise Delivers in Fargo-Moorhead!

I also cut down my first wildflower painting (three sunflowers-didn't like how it turned out) to the size of the altered book to see how it would look. I liked it better cut down, so I pasted it into the book. Guess I should attempt to take more than one picture tomorrow, eh? I sat and cut out all the pictures I had printed (found online) for the book, too, and put them in a big envelope. (They're why I am out of ink.) Now I have to figure out how to organize the book. There are going to be sections/areas.

Tomorrow we paint!! And after work tonight Leah was picking up her new wok she ordered (matches her super nice cookware) and she's going to make us a stir-fry for dinner before we start painting tomorrow night! I am looking forward to that. I won't have to cook this week at all--ha!

Well, I am off to read. Hopefully I might just be able to figure out how to take and post some pictures tomorrow...???

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