Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Thought I'd better chat for a little bit right now, before I sit down and get comfortable.

I was really worried about Karma after I got up today. She usually follows me around, under my feet, while I get Miss Gracie up and feed critters. She was there and suddenly she was gone. I looked all over for her and found her lying under my bed. She wouldn't even come out to play with her favorite toy on the stick (like a fishing pole effect). She hasn't been eating much of her canned or pouch food I give her as a treat every day. I wonder if it is sitting there too long and she comes back and eats some later and gets a stomach ache? Not sure. But, I decided not to give her any moist/wet foods and just stick with dry for a while and see how she is. She laid under the bed and slept for a long time. She finally came strolling out--but is acting slower and not herself. She seems a bit better now when I got home tonight. I'd be really upset if anything happened to her!

I was gone all night. First, Dagan took me to Dr. John's. I had forgotten to tell him that I actually slept almost 5 hours the night before and 4 1/2 hours now last night, too! That is amazing! I was almost disoriented! Since I have fibro, I usually wake up every 1-2 hours all night long--every night--which is why I need to sleep longer than I used to and am still more tired when I wake up than I used to be. Just don't get "good" sleep. So--this is another amazing thing happening since I started to see Dr. John!

Then--we went to Dagan and Leah's after the chiropractor and did planning and some painting tonight. Only Dagan and I actually started painting. There's a lot of prep work and deciding on what you want to try to paint (all three of them were searching the Internet). This is so much fun already!

Dagan is doing a red and black yin yang symbol. He got it drawn and got all the red parts painted--the first layer, anyways.

Leah is going to do four Oriental symbol paintings. I think she decided to make the four seasons--black background and different colors for each symbol on each canvas. Dagan and Leah are both using 10 X 10 inch canvases that they ordered.

Jennifer wants to go and buy a different canvas than what I had available and might do a long-stemmed flower like she saw in one of my books. They sell canvases at a few places in town: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Mathison's Art Store. She's looking for a tall, skinny canvas.

I am going to attempt to do a landscape that I watched on the tape with Jerry Yarnell--the one of the thunderstorm with the lightning. A very bold move for me! I didn't take a larger canvas, either. Using one of the primed boards I had that are maybe 10 X 14 inches. I'd like to kind of practice on the smaller board and then try the same thing on the larger canvas (16 X 20?). I did my gray undercoating and that's all. We decided to meet again next Wednesday. :)

So, I am pretty beat. Going to have some sherbet and go sit in my chair and watch TV for a while and unwind. Doesn't take much to wear me out still--but I am able to do more than I was a couple months ago!! Life is Good!!!

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  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Wow, what a treat. I don't think I ever saw a photo of Leah and Dagan. Nice to see them!! And all of your wonderful art work. Love the black-eyed-susans and the poppy! Keep up the great work. Give yourself more credit. You deserve it!!!


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