Friday, July 28, 2006


Dr. John!

And this is his receptionist, Erica.

Leah and I went to Dr. John's yesterday. This time Leah found out how many pills she needed each day for each of her supplements. We'll figure out how many bottles of each one we need to order to last us for two months and order next Thursday. So, the next phase will begin soon! Two months of supplements, eating even healthier, and trying to get some exercise.

We called ToChi's (natural foods place in Fargo) from her car last night and discoverd that the one night they are open later is Thursday! Perfect!! It was like the Universe opening another door for good health--hehe! So, next week after Dr. John's, Leah and I will go to ToChi's and I will look for some of the odder grains/flours and ingredients I need that I can't buy at CashWise. And Thursdays is also the day for the smaller Farmer's Market from 5-7pm in Fargo. So, we might hit that, too.

Leah and I may cook together on Thursday nights, too, when it will work out. Dagan games on Thursdays--but two nights a week might be a bit much some weeks. We will play it by ear. Mondays we will be cooking together for sure, all three of us. So I have to look up a recipe and email or call Leah this weekend to find out what ingredients she already has for Monday. And, since we are planning on buying fresh ingredients, I need a back-up recipe, also, if the pickings are slim--(some odder veggies sometimes in the Chinese cooking--hehe!) I have the patience and time to sit and look things up and make lists--and we both have this same cookbook by Helen Chen. :) This will help to keep us motivated to eat healthier and use fresh veggies, etc--at least for these two months--haha!

I was attempting last night to duplicate the glazing they did in the Watercolor Magic magazine (on the left). I don't have the same colors, for one thing, that they used. But it was interesting to play with. Just one of the ways I can easily use up an evening while I watch TV--hehe!

This morning--woke up and Karma had taken over half the foot of my twin bed. She loves to sprawl. The lump around her is my body pillow--(which has occasionally frightened people passing by my bedroom door over the years because it looks like somebody is in the bed! chuckle!)

Karma--big yawn!! What a life, eh?

She doesn't bother to move when I first get up because I pull over my reader's table with my laptop and do my Morning Pages every morning. She usually interrupts me for some lovin' up time--demands that I hold her for a while. She is so lovey dovey in the mornings and so crazy wild at night!

Right now--Karma and Gracie are out on the porch soaking up the heat and humidity. Me--I pass!! I will remain indoors where it is nice and cool. I hate to even go into the hallways to get my mail.

For the last couple weeks I have been closing the big windows downstairs near the front door almost every day and somebody who lives here keeps opening them up. Nearly 100 degrees and humid and they keep opening wide the windows? I give up. I suppose it is possible there isn't any air conditioning or heat in the hallways here, but opening the windows makes it worse. When they are closed, the hallways eventually get a little cooler from all the people running their air and it seeping under their doors into the hallway, if nothing else. But, there are thermostats in the hallways by the elevator??

Somebody new is here this summer--since last summer--who loves the heat and humidity. We do have quite a few families from Africa living here and a few middle-eastern families (this is a tax credit apartment complex)--maybe they love the heat? Who knows? Maybe that is just being prejudiced? Well, regardless, I just know I give up. I didn't bother to close them today. If they do have AC in the hallways--going to cost the owners an arm and a leg--and then our rent will go up. With the windows open it gets like a sauna in the hallways--especially up here on third floor--heat rises! My place is nice and cool, tho, so I guess I'll mind my own business and leave the windows alone from now on. Pointless and it just irritates me if I put any focus on it, anyways. That is my ranting for today--ha!

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