Monday, July 24, 2006


My usual table. He has two. This is table number two.
Batteries ran out after one shot. :(

Tired tonight. Dagan picked me up and drove me to Dr. John's. (For those who don't know--I no longer have a car and that is why I am needing the rides to the chiropractor, etc.) He forgot the cable cord he needed to make the spare brains, so we were going to their house to pick it up. He called Leah to see what he could pick up at the grocery store for dinner and ended up inviting me to dinner. We got ingredients for beef stir fry and went to their place. Had dinner and watched the second episode of Rome - HBO, I believe. We watched the first episode at painting last week. (I need to take breaks from sitting in the same place for too long--have to remember my digital timer this Wednesday. I keep forgetting it! And my camera!)

Dagan did find the cable cord he needed, but we passed on working on that tonight because it was already after 8:00pm by the time I got home. He's busy tomorrow, we have painting night on Wednesday, and he games on Thursdays--so it will be a while until he can come over and do some more messing with the computers. But, I am up and running, so I am okay with that! :)

I finished The Lonesome Gods last night, so I'll start a new paperback tonight. Maybe another Louis L'Amour? Okay---I just went and looked at my stack of borrowed books from Duane and picked out Haunted Mesa by Louis L'Amour. That will be my next "before bed" book.

I am dragging tonight--so I am headed there right now...

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