Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday- 6pm

Yesterday was a quiet day. Dagan was here to work on my computers. I played with card stuff and watched TV. This is my usual spot by the window to craft or paint. (Where I am again today.)
I will use the waterbrush to blend the WC pencil work after I am done with all of them. I have three different collage stamps to color--and have 7, 8, and 9 of each to color (previously used some individually--I am very anal about these things and had originally stamped the same number of each, of course)--total of 24 to color. So, this is an assembly-line process.

Here's a close-up. I'll be antiqing the paper when I am done with the WC penciling and the blending.

Like my Tweetie Bird lamp? The ladies at Concordia Language Villages office, where I worked part-time when I was going to college there, gave it to me to keep the baby squirrel warm that they had rescued off the sidewalk--eyes weren't even open yet. I was the only one who had any experience or the bottles for feeding small animals (having raised abandoned kittens and the like--I never throw anything away that you just might need in an emergency--and turns out I did--hehe!). I was feeding him round the clock and bringing him to work/school until I found a liscenced wildlife rehabilitation lady in Minneapolis who specialized in squirrels. Yes, I carried him around in a towel inside of an arm sling hung over my chest--fed him on breaks at work and inbetween classes. I think I had the squirrel about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. I didn't realize how famous (or infamous) I had become until I walked into the main office of the college for something about scheduling and all the ladies in the school office exclaimed--"So, you're the one bringing the baby squirrel to school!" The sling hanging on my chest was a dead giveaway--hehe! They all gathered around for a peek!

I always think of the baby red squirrel when I see the yellow lamp. The girls told me to keep the lamp after he was finally safe in Mpls with some other babies about his size. Was he ever glad to cuddle into that ball of red bodies!!

Miss Karma is so hard to get photos of. I saw her sleeping in an empty bag and got down on the floor to take her pciture and woke her up, of course.

Karma does love her trash! Anything new to the apartment at all, for that matter. To her, anything she can sit inside of or on top of is even more interesting, of course. But anything new-- people's shoes, boots, purses, bags, boxes, books, magazines, tools, suitcases--anything different or new or temporary is worth investigating. When your world is small....

Yesterday when Dagan was here he worked from 5:30 until after 8pm on the computers. He got the blog linked to the website and website linked to the blog! And now he has it set up so that I can work on my website from either computer--because when I open it on the laptop it is really the desktop computer that I am working on--so I don't have to transfer information by hand. He amazes me how much he knows about computers and networking! All that is left is the backup/spare-brain stuff. He's driving me to Dr. John's tomorrow, so he'll come up after my appointment to see if he can get that done, too. Wasn't working--he thought because it was remote/wireless and he needs to plug in the laptop directly into the modem, or something to that effect? I don't understand it all, but having a backup copy of all he's done in the past week and a half would be wonderful, to say the least. Then he would have everything right as it is now to start with if he ever (God forbid) has to do this all again.

Was like 94 degrees today and supposed to stay in the low 90s for a couple of days. Nice and cool in here. After six years of suffering from the heat in the older, brick apartment in Moorhead with ACs that couldn't keep up (went thru three in six years!)--this is so heavenly, I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it! And I am only running the AC on low and not even all the way up on low! Amazing! I don't like the hot, humid weather at all, so this is a huge plus for this new apartment. Makes all the downsizing worth it! (I had a two-bedroom in Moorhead, more room and closet space, etc.) I wouldn't want to go back, tho!!

Hope everybody is keeping cool during this national heat wave!?

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