Thursday, July 13, 2006


Frustrating! I have been unable to get online all evening until now. So, since Dagan won't be over until Saturday to work on my poor computers, I will write something now and might not be back online for a while. Who knows? I have been having trouble getting online--keeps saying something about network cable unplugged? But then sometimes I can get online despite the fact it still says that? Computers! I hope Dagan can work on both of mine. He had mentioned that this laptop needed to be reprogrammed also. Yup--guess so! I am getting cut off from the outside world!

And my phone has been acting up--battery dying too fast--and now the ringer doesn't always work. I think I need a new phone, too. Always something,eh? They sure don't make things to last like they used to--the phone is only like four years old at the most. Sad!

Well, other than that things are going well. My AC is working great! It has been so hot and humid out for days and I am nice and comfortable in here. Karma wants to go out and sprawl about taking naps on the porch during the day. She loves the heat. Comes in feeling like a furry heating pad!

Had my recheck today with Dr. John's electrical thingies he rolls down your spine. He'll let me know how it looked tomorrow. Also did the last three tests today. I fasted for the blood test and then had the lemon test and the zinc test. Leah is doing her final tests on Friday morning. We'll go in next week and find out the results of all the testing. I think I have a very sluggish thyroid. When I wake up my temp takes a long time to go back up to normal! I guess it is supposed to go up right away when we wake up and move around. I'll know more next week.

I'm glad that, as long as I haven't been feeling up to par since I got home this last weekend, I had some interesting Netflix DVDs to watch. I have always wondered about some of the HBO programs and ordered the first disc of Six Feet Under, Deadwood, and The Sopranos. I have watched Six Feet Under and Deadwood--liked them both. Now I have ordered the rest of Season One of both of them. Tomorrow I will watch the beginning of The Sopranos. Kind of nice to be able to see Cable TV shows that I can't afford to pay the extra for--hehe!

I have been sleeping better the past couple nights. So I am feeling more human. Just need a few more nights of catching up and I might have some more energy again. Hard to explain fibro to people sometimes. Doesn't take much to knock us off our feet, I guess.

The only thing I have been working on the past couple of days--when I have to move around to another chair to get comfortable anyways--has been coloring in some rubber stamp pictures that I had stamped up a long time ago. Been using pastel pencils. Just keep working at them little by little. When I get them all colored, then I can put them on the fronts of cards. I have been in the mood to tie up loose ends, so to speak. Used up all my old stash of cards. So am looking thru old stuff I haven't gotten to. Want to check in the box of recycling stuff, too--rework some old cards into new ones--use some odds and ends I've saved for making cards. Use up the handmade paper I have made up, too--and use up some scrap paper from the scrap box. :)

Well, I guess that's it for tonight. And not sure when I'll be back, since I've had a harder and harder time getting online recently. Return when I can! :)

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