Saturday, July 22, 2006


I spent the day yesterday with The Sopranos. All day I watched and worked on coloring in collage stamp images. Also did some reading before I went to bed. Very quiet day. I slept a long time, too, with no alarm yesterday!

The heat woke me up today. 87 degrees and it is supposed to stay in the upper 80s to lower 90s for several days again--with possible (scattered) thunderstorms today. It does look overcast here, but maybe not enough to rain again. Just have had light stuff during the night--barely enough to make any puddles in the parking lot. We need some rain, so I wish it would pour out. I love thunderstorms! Anyways, I had to close it up and turn the AC on. Dagan is coming over to work on the computers again--hopefully the last of the installations. After that, I hope we have time to figure out how I can work on my website again??

I don't know why the spell checker only works sporadically on this blog site for me? I try to go thru and check it before I post, but I have never won a spelling bee and can be forgetful now with the fibro, so please pardon my spelling (and abbreviations like "tho" and "thru" -- I have been using for many years). I found out in college that there were words I have been misspelling all my life! Seeing as I have been writing (journaling and letters) all my life--the errors are deeply ingrained by repetition! I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what I mean, tho. hehe!

Short but sweet this afternoon. I am going back to working on the collage stamp imagines and finding out if Tony discovers who it was who tried to have him whacked!

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