Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Finally back! After having company for a couple of days, no chiro last week, and then the trip to Minneapolis and not sleeping on Friday night---I kind of fell apart by morning, I guess. Got really sick to my stomach and dizzy at Renee's and wasn't able to make it to the service on Saturday. In fact, we drove back Sat night after Dagan, Leah, and Renne came back from the funeral and luncheon. I have just been on a zombie-recoup since then. Made Dr. John's yesterday (they have a new baby girl named Sophie) and was finally able to sleep better last night. Had been so sore that I was up and down all night long Saturday and Sunday and never felt rested--the fibro vicious circle. I really thought I could do it--my optimism seems to know no bounds. I couldn't. Last week was just too much for me all at once. I feel badly that I didn't make it there and didn't get to see all the cousins and their kids. I tried.

Anyways, I am slowly feeling more human and will be back to my normal soon. More next time... :)

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