Friday, July 07, 2006


I figured out how to get the photos onto the laptop! I got a few pictures from my folks' visit. Here's my dad, Kelly.

And my mom, Jane.

Leah worked on card stuff all afternoon. Got a lot of really pretty things made up!

I threw a treat down for Karma after I brushed her and it went under the television cabinet. I got down on the floor to find it--a process for me--and discovered all these "toys" under there!!! She loved little crumpled pieces of paper to bat around when she was a kitten. So this is where a lot of them went! I laughed and laughed as I dug them out!! Over a year's worth of lost toys! Wonder what is under the frig and the bedroom dressers??!!

Well, busy day today. Washing sheets and towels for Jennifer, watering plants, making stri-fry, gathering all the trash to go out, packing, washing dishes, setting the VCR...getting ready to leave for the weekend.

Feeling sad. We are going down for my uncle's funeral. My heart is with my aunt, Mary Lou. It is always difficult to officially say goodbye. He was cremated and this will be a graveside service for immediate family. He died this past winter and didn't want a regular funeral. The gathering to honor his life is actually on his birthday--Saturday--in their hometown. So appropriate! All the kids and grandkids live out of state and will all be able to be here this weekend, I believe. I hope it doesn't rain!

Dagan, Leah, and I are staying with my sister, Renee, and driving back on Sunday. Will be nice to see my cousins and their kids. I probably will hardly recognize their children--so grown up by now! And Renee and I will have some "sister time" again (gabbing half the night on Sat night). She even took Monday off--to recuperate! hehe! We have been reconnecting recently and it is a very nice thing to have a sister you can talk to! :):)

Well, the day is flying by. I have to cart out my trash and get the mail. I am supposed to have the Dick Blick order coming today via FedEx. I hope they come before we leave. Dagan is coming to pick me up about 3pm. I'll be back after the trip as soon as I am up to sitting at the computer-hehe!

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