Sunday, July 30, 2006


This is my view every morning as I do my morning pages on my reader's table and check the weather report while I sip on my coffee.

Karma sometimes gets in the mood to paw and knead my neck in the morning instead of just snuggling. She does this in a state of trance--paws at my neck and the side of my face until...

... she falls into a doze for several minutes. She will just as suddenly decide it is time to leave and off she goes--and I can continue with my morning pages (from The Artist's Way). She is quite the lovey-dovey angel in the mornings.

This is where she waits for me to get done on the desk computer. When she was a kitten she was too light to make the back of the chair fall down like it does now.

She is fairly bored while I am on the computer and falls asleep on the top of the gold chair quite often. But she is either up there, sprawled on the floor behind the gold chair, or someplace else nearby where she can keep an eye on me.

In the evenings--she is quite the devil! Full of energy and wants to play hide and seek.

Anyways, this weekend I was cooking up food for the week. I like having some leftovers around that I can throw in the microwave. Made some rainbow bean & ham soup, a beef stir-fry, more rice, and a tuna/noodle/oil & spices dish. I am all set! I was too lazy to do much of anything else so I figured I would cook something.

I have been working on a grocery list for Dagan and I for tomorrow. Leah emailed me and said it will just be Dagan and I cooking tomorrow, she has to do something with her mom and younger siblings. I guess I will get to try their new wok. Dagan, too--I don't think he's used it yet, either. We'll be buying fresh veggies and making something good. (And I get a free meal in the bargain--hehe!)

It is so hot out--just miserable. Today it was 101 degrees--and then the weathermen make it worse by telling you it "feels like" 103 degrees--haha! How on earth do they decide something that subjective? I thought it "felt like" 120 degrees--ha! I opened the porch door for Karma and it was a palpable, thick wall of heat!! Even Karma didn't want to go out. (And I bet they have the windows wide open down on first floor, too! chuckle!)

The weekend seems to have sped by! I caught up on my sleep, and that may be part of the reason it went by so rapidly. It sure was a nice one, tho! :)

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