Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Karma photos!

It's easier to get photos of her when she isn't looking at you...

Last night I took some photos of Miss Karma and my normal evening once I settle in to watch TV. My furry companion usually takes up most of the room on the foot rest of my lounge chair and snuggles up next to a leg.

She occasionally actually watches television with me. I have even ordered bird documentaries from Netflix and we have watched them together. She will even sit up to watch those! :)

I moved my foot away a little bit to get her face while she slept. Then bent my knee and put my foot up on the foot rest...

So, she snuggled up next to my foot. Is it any wonder why she is a bed hog?!

Note: Big red slipper socks because the AC was working so well. :)

Dagan will be here at about 5pm to pick me up for painting, so brief today.

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