Monday, July 31, 2006


Quiet, dark day. Thunderstorms have traveled across the sky. Puddles in the parking lot. We need the rain. Cooled it off--only 91 degrees today.

Dagan is picking me up for Dr. John's after work. Then we go grocery shopping and cook at their apartment--something new and daring for us--hehe! I have three choices for him. Leah won't be there tonight--she is bringing her younger brother and sister school shopping--so it is just Dagan and I and their new wok--haha! Neither of us has ever used it. About time, I guess. :)

Fire alarm chirped off and on in the hallway for a while this afternoon, but never actually went off. Scared the heck out of Karma--she hates the alarm! This is the third time there have been hall alarms going off since I moved here a year and a half ago. A sign? I guess it is time to see about apartment insurance. I have everything I own in this little place. Would be lost without my crafts, art supplies, books, computers, kitchen, fish, clothes, etc....

I have to run over and sign a new lease so I don't get my rent raised. My lease expired this last February and they didn't require us to sign another one. The office called and asked me if I'd like to have one because they might raise the rent. I'd like to sign one for a few years!! Don't want to move and don't want to pay any more for rent!! hehe! :)

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