Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday - 7pm

Lots of photos today!

I had the table all ready for antiquing the collage stamps before Caroline came to clean.

Here's Caroline when she first arrived. She's going to college and works helping people like me.

Caroline vacuuming. She always does that last. I was over at the table using big sponges to blob color all over the collage stamps while she was cleaning.

All the cardstock curling up as it dried. After they were dry I stacked them up and weighted them down with books to flatten them out. Below are a couple of close-up examples. They will be cut down and put on the front of cardstock. I'll try to remember to take a few photos of the process since I've shown this much--hehe!

Before the thunderstorm arrived, when it was 90 degrees out, Karma wanted to be out on the porch while I watered the hanging plants out there. The occasional bug gets in thru the bottom of my makeshift screen where there are a couple of gaps. A wispy, winged creature had made it inside. Karma was alerting me to that fact and imploring me to bat it down for her.

Which I did. She played with it and then ate it. The Circle of Life.

Sorry--No photos of the kill.

I never have really enjoyed watching the lion take down the zebra on the nature shows. Altho, I must confess to being fascinated by the sheer joy and delight Karma expresses in toying with the helpless bugs as long as they can mange to keep moving. With animals there is a kind of innocence of action-- there is absolutely no empathy or compassion whatsoever for the creature they are maiming and killing. Just the way it is.

Is it odd that I find such traits endearing in my cat? Is it unfair to insects that I don't mind her eating the bugs so much, but would feel badly if it was a mouse she was torturing? Am I prejudiced because I raised a lot of pet rodents in my youth and I loved my mice, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs?

The Circle of Life. ???

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