Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday-8 pm

Well, Leah and I went tonight to get the results of all the tests we took over that week or so. I knew my thyroid is low (sometimes my body is barely functioning-ha!) I also have a low absorbtion level of food (low HCL production) and a high free radical level (heavy oxidative stress). Low on all kinds of minerals--iodine, zinc, calcium, etc. But cholesterol and a lot of other things were good. I can't afford to buy all the supplements I would need until August. Leah and I decided to figure out how much we would have to buy to last us two months and then see if we feel better or not. And then he does a re-check of this whole process in two months to see if there is improvement and what supplements you can stop taking (a couple of mine are not needed as badly--levels are not quite as high or low, as the case may be). This would take up all my extra money for August. I might not be able to stay on everything he wants me to more than the two months and will have to decide what is needed the most after that--wait and see--but I want to do this and see if I feel better.

I got to bed late and had a call that woke me up early, so I am already dragging tonight. This will be short, but I wanted to wait until I got back from Dr. John's so I could tell what he found out. I'd need two supplements for the HCL Production, two for the Oxidative stress, and three for the Thyroid. Whew! A lot to buy at once. But Leah and I can order together and they will be mailed to my place and we will only pay one flat shipping and handling fee for the both of us.

Well, that's it--quick tonight--and I guess good news. Might even be able to make more positive changes in August? And I am grateful I even have any extra money at all to buy anything! (Happy me!) So that's lucky for me to have this opportunity to have these series of tests done for less than the usual cost (we're his guinea pigs--his first test clients). Now I am really glad I bought the other colors of acrylic paint and the tiny cheap cage for Miss Gracie! :)

Everything works out in the end. Not always the way we might have thought it would, but it always works out. :)

PS - For some reason I thought Dr. John's baby girl's name was Sophie, but it is Caydee ( I think I have spelled that right--it is pronounced like Sadie). I like unique names! Now I will remember because I'll think of the Sadie Hawkins Dance we had senior year--where the girls asked the boys to the dance. That was my first official date-date with Alan, my first love. hehe! We won the costume award. (I had borrowed mine from Cheryl who lived a couple blocks away--a burlap dress and straw hat.) Sadie=sixteen and starry-eyed=Caydee.

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