Saturday, July 01, 2006


Back with some photos today!

Here's the philodendron I am helping toward the light! The bookcase next to the desk is filled with my writing/English books. I have so many bookcases!

Here's the hanging plants in the porch. Plants make it feel so cozy!

This is the smaller leaved philodendron that outgrew its spot on the television. And you can see into the porch to the spider plant in this shot.

Here's a closer shot. It is difficult to get good pictures with all the light coming in, I found out. The picture is a painting of mine--the white poinsettias you got on the Christmas cards I sent that one year!

This is the aspargus fern I hung in the bedroom window to keep the other lopsided one company. The doll sitting on top of the small chest was my Grandma's. And the roses are dried from Mother's Day from Dagan and Leah. :) And, of course, we have Gracie's "playpen" -- she has to be in there most of the time if Karma and I are sitting outside on the porch for very long so she can see us. Then she is content. Next summer I hope to buy a smaller cage to hang in the porch for Gracie. I was going to do it this summer, but then the changing the eating habits and the painting supplies have kind of taken priority.

And here's a shot of what I see out the livingroom window where Karma was sitting doing sentry duty. Does it look flat enough for North Dakota? hehe! Really good place to watch fireworks, tho, I found out last year--and this year the porch is pretty well sealed off from mosquitoes!! I hope it is good weather that day.

Well, you can see how small the place is and how much stuff I have crammed into it. I will maybe add some more to show just how crowded it really is--hehe! Like the two new bookcases in the entry and hallway (more books and crafts)! TTYL

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