Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday 3:30pm

Went to Dr. John's with Leah and we both got adjusted. I had dropped back to one of each pill yesterday morning and wasn't sure if I wanted to get into the situation with him or not. I told him I was still having a lot of trouble with the IBS and almost didn't make it yesterday again. Got done with my turn and he started working on Leah. I was sitting in the waiting room and Erica, the receptionist, started talking to me and asking me how I was doing--and I told her about cutting back on the supplements. Dr. John heard us talking and after he was done with Leah came out and sat in the waiting room--wanted to find out what was going on. I explained how awful this has been for me the past two weeks. He told me to stop taking them altogether for a few days and then start back up with just the HCL (ones for stomach). He was concerned. I know he means well and wants the best for his clients. I could tell it was upsetting to him to hear I was having so much trouble with the supplements.

After Dr. John's we went to Leah's. She turned the TV on for me (they have like four remotes!) and left me instructions on paper about how to find stored TV shows. Then she went off to try out a yoga class. After she came back, she gulped down a sandwich (I couldn't eat all day again for fear I'd never make it to the meeting last night), and then we headed out for Kindred for the Shaklee meeting at Pam's house. We were a little late. It was farther than we thought, I guess.

I knew I wanted to try to make this meeting if humanly possible, no matter how crummy I felt. I remember Shaklee from when I was a kid and my mom became a member. I only knew about the biodegradable soap, Basic-H, at the time. I was so impressed that I went on my own and sold it door to door to the neighborhood ladies! You could use it for anything and everything--wash your hair, dishes, car, dog, take a bath with it, brush your teeth with it, whatever--safe for you and the environment. Back then, nobody owned dishwashers and I told them how I was letting the dishwater cool off and recycling it and watering my mom's plants with it! Is it any wonder I grew up to be a hippie/flower child?! The hippies started out so concerned about the environment and building a better world. Too bad it all switched to sex and drugs. *sigh*

Anyways, it was a wonderful meeting!! Even tho I had trouble sitting and had to get up and stand a couple of times (and I am paying for that today). I was so pleased to learn that Shaklee is still the wonderful company that it was 45 years ago--in fact, they just had their 50 year anniversary! They have much more proof of the quality of their vitamins and supplements. They still operate bascially the same way--letting the product sell itself and not pushing people. The lady who ran the meeting, Renae Leiss, was from Dickinson. Very informative and personable woman--really knows her stuff--one of the top six people in the Shaklee Company!

They are still concerned about the naturalness and purity of their products--to the point of letting fields sit for seven years to replenish the soil nutrients, doing scientific studies to prove that the supplements actually deliver the goods (over 100 published studies, she said, and other companies don't have more than two), products are tested for (6,7- can't remember now) years before they ever go on the market, and not heating the product over 70 degrees during manufacturing to keep the nutrients from being destroyed. Very impressed!

On the ride home Leah and I were already discussing returning the supplements to Dr. John's. They obviously do not agree with me--at all. I was getting worse over the course of the two weeks instead of better. They're made by Apex Energetics--except for the Prolamine Iodine which is made by Standard Process. I know those are better than the stuff off the shelf at WalMart--but by this morning, I was positive I'd rather go with Shaklee if I am spending this much money. And, I'll just take it slower--start out with the vitamins for over 50 and the stuff to help digestion.

Leah is coming over after work--she's on her way--so I'll have to continue with this later. :)

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