Sunday, August 27, 2006


Here's my painting that Jennifer, her mom, and I worked on last summer, fall, and winter.
This is a closer look, or as close as I could get and have most of it in the photo. I am not sure if you can click on pictures and enlarge them in the blog, but I think you can??

Here's a shot a little farther away.
I like to show mine first before you see what it is supposed to look like--chuckle!

This is the template that came with the DVD. It was a long process with two intricate maskings. We never were able to perfect the technique that he used to do the trees on the left. He splattered paint and then dripped water from a broken spray bottle--it went on and on. We practiced and practiced and couldn't manage to come close to duplicating what he was demonstrating, so we all just finally went ahead and did our own thing with the darker trees. That is why mine ended up with less light spots and my trees look like a thicker forest--hehe!

Our sand was another thing we practiced and practiced and couldn't get it to look like his. And you had to just kind of pour and drip paint and pray in the end, anyways. We did the best we could. Below--this is what the painting is supposed to look like from the back of the DVD.

Obviously, this is why I don't show what mine was supposed to look like right off the bat--haha!

I have not matted and framed mine. Not sure I am happy enough with the results to spend the money to do that, actually. But we did learn a lot! About painting and masking techniques--not that we mastered them all, but we got the experience, anyways.

Another beautiful, windows-wide day! I am just hoping I will feel better by tomorrow so I can make it to Dr. John's to return the supplements. The way the weekend has been going--may or may not, depending on how my day goes tomorrow? Everything is going right thru me. I know--too much information. But facts are facts--hehe! I have been off the supplements for three days now today--maybe tomorrow will be better?? :)

I have been watching movies this weekend. Babette's Feast was recommended to me by my friend, Bonnie, in Hibbing, Mn. Was charming, quirky, and a sweet little movie:

Philippa (Hanne Stensgaard) and Martina (Vibeke Hastrup ) turn down a chance to leave their Danish town, instead staying to care for their pastor father and his small church. Thirty-five years later, a French woman (St├ęphane Audran) seeks refuge, and Philippa and Martina (now Bodil Kjer and Birgitte Federspie) take her in. The feast the woman prepares in gratitude is eclipsed only by her secret in director Gabriel Axel's Oscar-winning drama.

Find Me Guilty--I saw a preview and it looked interesting to me because it was based on a true story and they used transcripts from the case. I normally would never have watched a movie with Vin Diesel in it, but I was surprised at his touching and humorous performance!

Training his lens on infamous mobster "Fat" Jack DiNorscio (Vin Diesel) -- a man who decided to defend himself in court rather than rat out his cohorts -- acclaimed director Sidney Lumet (Dog Day Afternoon, 12 Angry Men) recounts the longest Mafia trial in U.S. history. Ron Silver and Annabella Sciorra co-star in this gripping legal drama, which draws its dialogue from actual courtroom transcripts.

My timer just went off. Have to get up and move and stretch.

So that's it for today. :)

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