Monday, August 28, 2006


I was taking pictures last night for a couple of my groups and thought I'd post them here, too. This is a small wall hanging that I made with black polymer clay, pressed in a rubber stamp, colored with Pearl Ex powders, punched holes, baked, and Leah attached a coiled copper wire for me. Was easy and fun! I have it hanging in my bathroom.
I think you can click on any of these pictures in the blog and enlarge them?

Then for a beading group I posted the first jewelry that I made. Nothing fancy. I had been wearing the focal pieces on the necklaces for years just hanging them on leather or black cotton cords. I wanted to make real necklaces out of them, so that is what I started out with. Not that I have made much progress since then, but here they are.

I discovered how difficult it is to get pictures of jewelry, too! These were taken on black felt and it seemed to change the colors of the pieces--the center one is blue lapis. Oh well, for now--it was the best I could do.

Since I can't do the crimping and small wire bending handiwork, my friend, Lynnette, from Minneapolis (who introduced us to beading) and Leah, my daughter-in-law, put the earrings together for me. I know a few of the small earrings were a gift from Lynnette when we first started a few years back. She let me string together what I wanted and she finished them for me.

Leah does all the finishing work on my pieces for me (can't grip with my bad arm very well). Most of what we made since we first started was for the craft business and was sold. Leah has a series of memory wire necklaces she made for herself that she wears all the time. People often comment on them.

These are a few of the bookmarks we made with beads. We sold quite a few of these--ribbon and sterling silver chain. These are mine--"leftovers" that I kept. The ladybug necklace above has the same pretty sterling silver chain that we used on the bookmarks.

My camera doesn't seem to be able to take close ups all that well--or I don't know how to do it--that is more like it--hehe! I tried several ways and angles--these were the best I could manage. I think I just don't know enough about lighting maybe??

We made a lot of bookmarks on cardstock that we laminated, too. I use those all the time!! Several at a time, as a matter of fact, being the compulsive reader that I am. (Some of you have gotten them as gifts in the mail!) I use the ss beaded ones sometimes for my book I keep by my bed. I guess I am more afraid of them breaking or losing them--but nothing has ever happened to them so far. I especially love those delicate sterling silver chain ones! :)

I was reading online about who won the TV awards--yesterday, I think? I ordered the HBO version of Elizabeth I (two discs) that won and it is coming right away! Also ordered The Girl In The Cafe that was mentioned. Then I ran across an HBO version of one of my friend Ruby's books I read this summer, Empire Falls, that I really liked (two discs). So, I should have some interesting things coming to watch. I'll let you know what I think of them, of course. :)

I was still not feeling well enough to make it to Dr. John's today. :(

Leah emailed me that she has to work at her second job on Thursday nights for a while, so when I called to cancel today I also switched to Wednesdays. I most certainly should feel up to going by Wednesday, I hope! Wednesdays will work well--we can go to the chiro and then right over to Dagan & Leah's to paint! :) I want to be up to that in two days. So--R&R for me and off I go...

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