Saturday, August 26, 2006


Okay--to continue--Leah came over after work and we talked about a lot of things! She had been thinking some of the same things I had been--that we absolutely have to bring back the supplements to Dr. John's on Monday, for one. Leah has been taking supplements for about a year and has recently had to go on inhalers. Obviously not working positively for her either. Also, she may have found her passion!! She has been wondering what she is supposed to be doing with her life, too--as have I. The past couple months at Sacred Circle she has been talking about how she has been feeling she was supposed to do something to help people and has been thinking about taking Healing Touch classes or learning some kind of energy work. Well, selling Shaklee would be really helping people if it works! And she could take the Healing Touch classes, too. And she'd like to take some classes on nutrition, too. :)

I know it sounds like we're jumping into Shaklee with both feet, but that is not the case. We both had the feeling that we would just start out taking the supplements from Shaklee and see how it went. But both of us had this weird future vision, kind of--that she'd get better first within several months and it would take me more like a year or two, but that I'd improve, too. That this would actually work! We were both getting zapped talking about it!! :):):) Leah would start learning how to sell Shaklee part-time after she feels better and has personal proof that it works. And then, as my health permits--I could be her volunteer helper like I was for her craft business. We always did work well together, and we are both people who get really enthused about something we believe in! If Shaklee can even just cure my IBS--I will be shouting their praises from the rooftops! hehe!

We knew we have been on the right track with the healthier eating and the supplements and exercise route--but things just weren't working out. Especially for me! My body reacted badly--in no uncertain terms--did not want these supplements from Dr. John's. We might get a chance to talk to him about Shaklee before he leaves, too. We know he believes he has the best quality vitamins and supplements and truly has a healer's soul. We want to at least tell him what we know since he will starting up a brand new practice--maybe he could sell Shaklee products instead? Who knows? He may already be contracted with these other companies. Hey--he could read my blog from Arizona and find out if we got good results and how long it took. :) We just like him a lot and wish him the best and feel so badly that we are having to bring back all the boxes of supplements. :( But--we have to do what we feel in our hearts and souls is the right thing to do.

I am feeling positive again about the possibility of having more physical improvements in the future. I have definitely learned that I need a chiropractor to keep me from getting that horrible tailbone pain and keep my shoulders loosened up. I am definitely continuing on with the healthier eating. I am going to try adding back some whole wheat since I haven't honestly noticed any changes from being 95% off wheat and dairy for two months. And I don't notice any changes after the little wheat and dairy I have consumed here and there. My sinuses and sniffles are apparently from allergies. Windows open--I will blow my nose and occasionally sneeze. Windows closed--much, much less. I didn't lose any weight. I didn't feel any less painful in my joints or muscles--or any more than I did after a few weeks of adjustments from Dr. John, I should say. And the past two weeks, of course, I have been feeling awful!

The last two nights I took a pain pill and a couple of Tylenol PMs. I slept a little better on Thursday night-7 hours. But last night I crashed for 12 hours! Finally got some good sleep and am just starting to feel a little rested again. Noodle day again today, that's for sure.

Last night Pam was in town and stopped by late and we gabbed on and on about Shaklee and all of this. too. She had no intentions of actually selling Shaklee and just wanted to become a member for the 15% discount (only $19.95 and you can order online). But now she is thinking kind of like Leah--that maybe she might if she starts to feel better, too. It is exciting to feel hopeful again! I told her I am just going to start out with the vitamin for women over 50, the protein powder, and the stuff they have for digestive problems. It's all about finding balance in your body again. If it wasn't for Dr. John and his testing, I wouldn't know my areas to focus on. Everything happens for a reason.

Now, I'm not going to predict that I will be 100% healed. Obviously, the Universe has kept hitting me over the head with trying to heal myself--and I have tried several things. I guess they say--you don't know what works or doesn't work unless you try. Some things have been working and some things haven't. Small victories!! If I could be free of the IBS--I'd be mobile again!! Then my world would open up again and I'd be able to be out on the buses, etc. I don't want to get too excited about it, but I am feeling hopeful again. I asked God/the Universe/GA in the beginning of this year--what am I supposed to be doing? And I got that I was supposed to focus on my health. So, I have asked them to help me and make it abundantly clear if I am on the right path or not. Definitely knew I was supposed to be going to Dr. John--zapped--loud and clear--got some results quickly. I guess I assumed I should take the supplements he had, since he was a green light and taking supplements felt right to be doing. Guess I just had the wrong supplements--hehe! Definitely getting the green light for Shaklee!! No doubts. So, I expect to see something--some kind of improvement?? And that's it for today--whew! :):)

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