Saturday, August 05, 2006


I really do love my jars for storage--been using them for years!
All my flours, meals, and white sugar is kept up above my cupboards.

So, there will be a lot more jars up there when I finally get all these flours on the counter into jars and labeled.

I use jars to store all my smaller amounts of odd rice, dried beans, dried fruit, and all sorts of odds and ends.

I even store all my coffee beans in jars and some of my loose teas.

This is the new cheap blender. I do plan to try to make a smoothie today. But I have to wait a while, as I have just spent time standing and slicing up the pork tenderloin and the chicken breasts--have them labeled and put away in freezer bags.

Last night I did actually get something done, tho--I cut up nine bananas and bagged them up separately for the freezer--for smoothies!

Today I am also washing clothes. I slept really, really well. Amazingly well! I can't remember when I went to bed this morning (night owl that I am), but I slept the whole time in one place and never woke up!!!! Had to be at least 8 hours!! I was so stiff & sore that I could hardly get out of bed when I first got up today. Hot shower and stretching--and off I go! I have some energy today. Use it while it lasts--hehe! Hauled out garbage with my little green cart and got mail. Complete change of pace in DVDs today! Have Chicken Little-Disney and Tsotsi-foreign film.

It rained and was dark (helped me sleep, too), but the sun has come out again. Too bad, actually. We are still labeled as a drought area and the farmers need more rain than this. Despite the rain it is still hot and humid (low 90s today), so I am still closed up with the AC on.

Karma snuck up onto the desk when I wasn't looking while I was typing here! When she was a kitten I used to let her lay in the cubby hole in the corner. I was thinking she remembered that, for some reason. So, I removed a stack of magazines from it to make some room for the much larger cat she is today--and she is snuggled into the cubby hole--sleeping--as I type. That's what she wanted. I guess I will allow her to do that again. May save wear and tear on the gold chair--hehe!

I have been looking online for pictures of some wildflowers. About 8-9 years ago I got a reading from a shaman thru the mail. We became pen-pals and after I got my first computer in 1998 we stayed in touch via email. Doug saw the pictures I posted here of my watercolors and wanted me to paint some wildflowers for him (he loves and grows plants). I suggested a trade for a reading. This is very exciting! He has learned (over the past several years since I had my last reading) how to sever negative psychic cord attachments and volunteered to do it for me, Dagan, and Leah!

Leah said it reminded her, in a way, of what Dr. John does with releasing old negative emotional energy we hold in our bodies. Dr. John does it little by little. Doug would do it all at once. I know he said he would be working on me this weekend. Made me wonder if that had anything to do with me being able to sleep longer last night than I ever have in many, many years??? Who knows? I wonder if those emotional cord attachments could interfere with your sleep? I would imagine they could. You are less defensive when you are asleep. Hummmm?? I'll be very interested to see what his reading says.

Tomorrow is Sacred Circle. Dagan's turn to run the meeting. Maybe an exceptionally good time to be getting spiritually connected, eh? We are all three going to be getting released from old residual bonds! Nice!

I am such a novice painter that I only hope I can manage to create something Doug will like. It may take a few practice sketches and tries--and I am slow as molasses in January anymore--but I am excited about the challange, too! It's going to be a picture with Queen Anne's Lace and Wild Blue Chicory--and maybe some Purple Loosestrife?

Anyways, buzzer just went off on the dryer. Time to change loads of clothes. Maybe even make a smoothie...

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